Favorite brand of bra?

  1. So does anybody have a designer/brand they swear by?

    I like Wacoal Body Suede. Expensive but very good!

    Anyone else?
  2. Wacoal.

    Chantille (something like that)

    Le Mystere.

    Super expensive but totally worth it!
  3. Victorias Secret Very Sexy or Body,however,I am planning to buy Dolce & Gabbana and La Perla soon to see if there is that much of a difference.
  4. i like the vic secret ipex. does exactly what they promise!
  5. I swear by Victoria's Secret Very Sexy. They make me look bigger than I really am :shame:
  6. Vs :smile:
  7. Hands down - Chantelle. They have the most incredible t-shirt bra with molded cups!
  8. Chantelle and LeMystere are two of my favorite brands. Wacoal came out with some new styles that are really nice. Check out BraSmyth on the web and order their catalog, they have a nice selection of great bras.
  9. Calvin Klein Luxury Lace strapless bra
  10. I love CK bras =)
  11. I agree. Their bras are great for larger cup sizes. VS or other cute ones just won't cut it!
  12. Body by Victoria. The are sooooo comfy!
  13. I like Victoria Secret
  14. Secret Embrace by Victorias Secret Angel collection all the way.
  15. I have a serious hangover right now and can’t sleep so I want to share.

    Everyday: Aubade, Gossard (if 'more' is appropriate)
    Evening dress: La Perla (v.good for no VPL, et al)
    Wearing for myself, feel good factor: Myla
    Wearing for him –
    *innocent* look: Myla
    *naughty* look: Agent Provocateur
    Wedding night lingerie (dreaming): Alice Cadolle on Rue Cambon, Paris