Favorite Boutique ?

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  1. When I travel to places, I love to check out the local boutiques, if they exist. I am curious what some of your favorite destinations and boutiques are?

    I really like Chicago and Dallas. One of my favorite memories is going to see my Buckeyes win the National Championship in Dallas and getting a pair of red soles.

    Would you ever consider a travel destination just to visit your favorite boutique? Curious to hear your experiences!
  2. A city with a CL boutique is always a draw for me. I've been to all the U.S. locations except for Atlanta and Brentwood. I do miss the old Beverly Hills location because it had easier parking than the current Robertson one. My sentimental favorite is the Palazzo location in Vegas. And now, San Francisco has one, so as a Bay Area native, I'm happy there is one on the area. I'd like to go back to Paris and re-visit JJR as well as St. Honore.
  3. Love the Zurich location, just on the lake. Was just also at the Paris rue de Grenelles boutique. Smaller than the other Paris ones, but it was lovely. In the US, I'm partial to my hometown NYC boutiques (Horatio Street, Madison Avenue, and Saks). The ones in Vegas are great too.
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  4. I've seen the Las Vegas boutique, but was not nearby when they were open. I've been to the Miami one a few times, but have trouble finding size 40 there for some reason. They opened a CL boutique attached to the Aventura Nordstrom's 2 months ago, and I just found out about it yesterday. So far my favorite shopping experience. Very helpful and plenty of models in my size, which means I have to decide between pairs. A rough problem ;)
  5. Nyc

    Madison ave

    Washington st