Favorite Bottega Veneta store?

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  1. What is your favorite Bottega Veneta store?

    Mine is in Paris, on Faubourg rue St. Honore (next to Hermes). Very nice SAs who remember me even though I go in there only once every few months. They even ask my ex about me (probably much to his horror ;)) when he shops (which is more often than me because he lives in Paris). They tend to have the complete ready to wear collection, if not, they will order it for me.
  2. I was quite overwhelmed by the Avenue Montaigne store, also in Paris. I like that area more than St. Honoré anyways, and this huge, rather dark store in an old townhouse creates a beautiful atmosphere. Plus, there are less tourists and the SAs have plenty of time to focus on you.

    Nonetheless my favorite BV SAs are still Janine and Julia from the Hamburg store.
  3. I like the Chicago store. Granted, I've not been to many. But the SA Kevin has been wonderful. If he doesn't have an answer to a question, he will find it. It seems he always goes above and beyond. And he always follows up with calls or letters.

    The store itself is on a really old building with lots of architectural charm.
  4. i love ala moana even though i have never been because of bryan. overall, i love the look and feel of BV boutiques. the display cases and the ambient lighting set off the bags very well. it is a calm zen feeling vs the white on white or jarring brightness of other designer stores.
  5. I'm gonna stay true to the UK Bond Street store, even though it is quite small. The staff is very friendly and even though I'm not shopping BV very often they all remember me. BTW Claus Julia is also one of my fave European SA's, if only the Euro hadn't become so expensive I'd still be shopping from her!
  6. I haven't been to enough. All my trips to Europe were taken before I discovered BV. What a waste!!! The stores I have visited--Chicago, San Francisco and Maui were wonderfully friendly and helpful.
  7. I liked the one in HK TST. It big and had lots of stuff. And that's where I bought my first item (well, really 2nd, but the first was a canvas bag and that doesn't count!...hahaha)
  8. I've only visited two - SCP (South Coast) and Las Vegas (Palazzo). They're both beautiful but I think the Vegas boutique is larger. I love the glass wall of that boutique because one can see those stunning bags in one fell swoop. The SCP boutique is more set in and they have a very small window display.

    Both locations have very sweet and knowledgeable SAs. :tup:
  9. I have only been to one, the one in NYC on Fifth Avenue. Can you believe my hotel in Italy was right next door to one and I never went in? I didn't know what it even was back then (2002) and I thought it looked too expensive for me. (It was then).

    But if and when I finally buy a BV (I am currently trying to decide on one), I will buy it from Lee at NM in Short Hills because he will go out of his way to make me happy. He is fabulous.
  10. Yay! how exciting! i love a first purchase!!!!!! tell us what you are deciding on.... i know you had a thread earlier, but are you narrowed between colors or styles?
  11. Aside from my store [BV Ala Moana]... I love SCP [my original store] - it's a beautiful boutique, ask for Camly, Megan or Debbie [they're fabulous!].
  12. No, that wasn't me. I have been thinking about a BV for a while but the only one I really want is the LE leopard montaigne. But it is a little out of the budget. So, I don't know if I will settle for something else or not. I really need a brown bag but the browns are either too dark or too light for me. So, I don't know what I will do.
  13. Rome
  14. allisonfaye, i assume you checked out the browns in the color reference section for the fall and some older browns. there is a tea cabat that will be coming out in this winter. bryan, our uber SA, says they probably will do it in other styles and he will report back. the tea looks like it isn't as dark as the classic ebano and then not as light as the next brown down which i believe is noce. the nice thing is that BV plays around with so many lovely shades, your dream bag is sure to be around the corner!

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  15. Just to brag :whistle: I've been to BV in NYC, SF, Milan, Florence, Rome, SCP, Cabazon, Woodbury, and the outlets in Florence! I love SF because Mari and Nico have become like friends, but next is Milan; it is just beautiful and everyone there was extremely nice and helpful.

    I must say Mediana that Rome has been the worst in my experience! No one working in the store said a single word to me! As a result I have managed to purchase something in every store except Rome!