Favorite books on make-up

  1. What are your favorite books on make-up? I like Kevyn Aucoin's classic book Making Faces but I'm looking to get another. I need some input on what book to buy. TIA!
  2. While Kevyn Aucoins' 'Making Faces' will always remain a classic, his other addition, 'Face Forward', in my opinion, is just as good!!

    Make-up books, unfortunatley, arn't very popular -which is sad, because i too, would love to buy some more makeup books!
  3. I know! I don't understand why. Makeup trends change but the fundamentals like contouring and shading don't. I want more books to teach me how to wear different looks, step by step! Maybe Making Faces and Face Forward are just so amazing that nothing can compare lol. I had Bobbi Brown's book but I lost it a long time ago.

    I'm just seriously in the mood to buy a new book on makeup and change my look a bit.

    Thanks April!!!
  4. Ugh! I know exactly what you mean!! Makeup books are dying out!

    But, in my eyes, nothing compares to kevyns work. He is a genius! And puts all other books to shame.

    Where I am (Australia), every book store I have been to has a TINY section dedicated to fashion and makeup! I cannot believe it! Why have so little on a subject thats so ecclectic??

    Maybe, if your up for a read, try get your hands on his autobiography called "Kevyn Aucoin: A Beautiful Life".

    Ive always wanted this book but im yet to come across it! Ive read some great reviews on it. And while it talks about his life, and includes interviews with celebrities he's worked on, apparently it also has makeup lessons in it.

    Im keen! :tup:
  5. Ooh, I LOVE makeup books..theres some new ones that are great. Theres one by Thalia,a singer, and one by Carmindy, from "What not to wear"show
  6. my favorite makeup book is the one by Francois Nars.
  7. Has anyone seen Victoria Beckham's new book? It hasn't released here in the U.S. yet, but I am sure it has makeup tips in it too. Not that her makeup looks that great, but...
  8. the nars book is excellent. my sister gave it to me for christmas like 4 or 5 years ago and it started my love affair with nars cosmetics. he has some really great tips for ALL skin types and tones. i really appreciate that because as an African American woman, a lot of makeup tips just don't work for me. the looks in the book are so doable too, i love it.
  9. Kevyn Aucoin's books are amazingggg.

    I have "Make Up Your Life" by Victoria Jackson. I got it at Ross for $2. It has some good information in it, although it's pretty old. Bobbi Brown has a book that looks good too, but I haven't read it yet.

    My mom had some Paula Begoun books when I was younger. I thought she was a total idiot, because she said things like "blue eyeshadow should be illegal" and "NO ONE should wear shimmer on their eyes." She may be super sucessful now, but I still think she was wrong about a lot of stuff...
  10. Search my name..I wrote a list of Makeup and Fashion books.

  11. I ordered Makeup Your Mind by Nars and A to Zoe, the new book by Rachel Zoe. I know it's not exclusively makeup but I love her style and it's in the same group of books. I can't wait to get them!
  12. funny, i was just thinking about looking up makeup books and i had idea where to look. thanks to you all, i just order both of kevyn's books from Amazon. thanks again!
  13. I was given a copy of Trish McAvoy's The Power of Make Up at a customer event once. I thought it was really useful as it focussed on make up application and techniques and types of products rather than particular brands.
  14. I don't think you can beat The Beauty Bible. They have a great website too which I use all the time. Definitely worth a visit www.beautybible.com. Amazingly informative and the book is packed full of reviews, advice, tips and hints.