Favorite Body Scrub?

  1. I am looking for a good sugar scrub, something with a good 'wake me up in the morning' scent!! :yes: I have tried Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Work brands, just was wondering if anyone has a good recommendation?
  2. Philosophy The Gingerbread Man.
  3. Fresh Sugar scrub - so luxurious!
  4. i love the results from bliss' hot salt scrub. it *kinda* warms but it *really* exfoliates. does smell a little like vick's vapor rub in the shower but i promise the "aroma" fades.

    OOPS, just re-read and saw you asked for sugar. feel free to delete, sorry!!!
  5. Body Shop Strawberry Body Scrub - smells delicious and cheap too!

    Then use the matching body lotion, you'll smell good enough to eat!
  6. I've got this Warm Sugar Apple scrub, by some brand that I am forgetting at the moment. It's pretty cool- you slather it on dry skin. If you are interested PM me and i'll check at home wat brand it is.
  7. Lalicious sugar scrub is amazing - I use the Coconut Cream scent, which is more vanilla-y than coconut, I think... anyway, it's the best! I get it from my spa, but I think you can buy it online. It runs about $30 per jar.
  8. I like Grace by Philosophy. It smells like baby powder.
  9. i loooove clarins toning scrub, has the best wake me up and guys will want to eat you lol. not sure if its a good thing or not. not a foody smell, its filled with natural oils/plant extracts is soo good for your skin and mmmmmmmm *goes to the shower*
  10. I really like the Mary Kay sugar scrubs, I think they come in 4 different scents. I use the dreams, I use it on my legs before I shave and Never have razor burn. It does have a little oil in it but I like it that way.
  11. The Salt Project it's an obscure professional brand and is a salt glow but they make the most yummy products! You will smell them all day long on your skin!
  12. Plain old white cane sugar works great!
  13. Fresh sugar scrub is really scrumptous, but pricey. Tyra Banks had a guest on her show who said Jessica Biel just mixes her favorite body cream with some cane sugar in her hand and applies as a scrub and it saves her a ton of money and works just as well!!
  14. philosophy...
  15. Need a Margarita from BBW is about $13 and the scent stays on your skin all day and it works really well.