Favorite Black Bag!

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  1. Hello!

    I'm one of those gals that thinks a black bag is a staple in every collection. Whether it's big/small, I just think a black bag can tie any outfit together. My question is: what is your favorite/must have black bag (preferably an every day type) I guess it can be from any brand. Thanks for your input! :kiss:
  2. Chanel Jumbo with real Gold hardware!
    For casual not so worrying: MK Margo black.
    And for work: Prada Saffiano (not double zip but the one that's like the Montaigne by LV)
    That's me anyways. But if I had to just have one left.
    The Jumbo. That bag is everything to me!

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  3. Chanel jumbo flap bag. It is the ultimate black bag for me. I know some people choose to save chanel bags for special occasions but I believe it's too beautiful to sit unused.
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  4. Agree with you both! I have the M/L that I use on any random day, not just for special occasions. That will def dress up my outfit! In fact, I'll prob use her tonight for dinner w/ a friend! :biggrin:
  5. I only have two black bags.

    Prada Promenade (like an Alma)
    LV St Germain MM

    I LOVE black leather with GC hardware. I may add a Chanel flap one day too but currently I feel like M/L is too small and jumbo is too big.
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    Cluny BB in noir is on my wish list, but a Chanel flap with shw would do as well.

    (Adding to my 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Birthday, Christmas, New Year's etc etc. wish list as I write) :giggles:

    FYI.. sold all my black bags as I prefer a pop of color, but the Cluny BB noir looks fabulous on me! Hard to resist!
  7. Medium Lady Dior in black lamb skin with gold hardware is my only black bag. I absolutely love it!
  8. :roflmfao: I totally understand! I have been asking my hubby for yearss.. what are you getting me for St. Patrick's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day.. etc. :biggrin: He expects that question every day! :graucho:
  9. Nice choices!
    I've learned to travel lightly when I take my M/L and I love it. I have tons of big bags, sometimes a nice small one works out. ;)
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    My Electric Epi Brea GM is my fave black bag and it can go from day to night.
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  11. Balenciaga black work ! That's for everyday and a Chanel medium ghw with lambskin oh I love both of them !!!
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    I also love black bags and my latest - Goyard grenadine Hobo - is a great casual everyday bag and I have never seen anyone else with one.

    For work, Chanel cerf tote

    For everything in between - Chanel jumbo GHW and brea Epi electric noir MM since it is silver hardware
  13. Chanel Jumbo Flap for sure! I have it in caviar with silver hardware.
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  14. That's a beauty! I love Épi Electric!!
  15. Empreinte SpeedyB in Inifini is my black bag!