Favorite big bag to take on a plane, but not a carry on.

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  1. Some airlines now charge for carry ons, but not for your purse. I am flying this airline in the near furture. We will have one checked bag, but I am going to get the biggest purse I can to put my smaller purse in. Plus things like my make up bag, travel hair dryer, book and whatever else I can muster. :lol:

    With airlines now charging for just about everything you take on the plane, do you find yourself stuffing a big purse to maximum capacity? Do you have a favorite big bag that is still considered a purse and not a carry on?

    I am eyeballing a Cynthia Rowley that I saw at TJ's today, but I was just wondering what your favorite big bag is in similar situations. Pics are a plus. :biggrin:
  2. I used a medium nightingale as a carry-on during my last trip and it was great. It fit my netbook and all the other random purchases I made. I had room to spare.
  3. I used a Goyard St. Louis GM last time I flew - through the checkpoints, I put my Birkin inside, which holds a ton, then other stuff inside the Goyard on the sides - holds a ton, and took a 4-wheeled "carry-on" as well. Didn't even have to check a bag!
  4. I would say a Longchamp Le Pliage bag - the big carry on is best, it's lightweight and you can stuff it to the brim.
  5. i have a variety of travel purses, but this Burberry tote is great when you want to put a sweater, another purse, snacks/water, etc...without worrying if it can fit everything. Plus they still think it's my purse, not a carry on :smile:

    My other go to travel purse is my Balenciage day, it's huge and can fit just about everything i need when i travel as well.

    I used to use my Gucci tote a LOT, it fit my Apple laptop (15 inch) but after the laptop, and LV zippy wallet, 2 phones, etc... but it got too small for me once the airline started restricting all the baggage.

    here's some pics.

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  6. i would say Longchamp too
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    You can take one carry on AND your purse. I fly all the time (nearly monthly) and I just tend to carry whatever I'm enjoying at the moment you can always put your other things in a tote i.e. Kipling or Longchamp if you are looking to keep it lightweight. :smile:

    Ooops didn't notice you were flying an airline that charged for carry-on's ... in that case, I would just take the large Longchamp and put my purse and other things in it...
  8. Iman Global chic tote from HSN
  9. I always use Longchamp now when I fly and they are perfect. Very light and easy to carry. You can put a small handbag inside if you like.

  10. Totoro is THE cutest! :love: I love your pics with him, brilliant!

    Oh, love the color of your bag and suitcase :smile:

  11. I think I would do that too, and use a wristlet inside (if I am charged for carry-ons)
  12. If I need a big bag I am taking Bal weekender , if not my large Coco cabas in vinyl is just perfect.
  13. There's nothing like a big Longchamp tote! It fits nicely under the space on front of you...and you don't have to worry about the floor too much.
  14. I don't have a Longchamp but I must say they do sound like a good idea as a carry-on bag.