favorite beauty recipe??

  1. Hey,

    I thought we could start a thread with our tried and true home recipes for beauty. I believe that the natural stuff works as well as and even better than other chemicals we put on our skin...

    My mom always swore by a yogurt and honey mask for cleaning and moisturing the face. I use it too and it makes my skin feel very clean and moist.

    Yogurt & honey mask-

    Mix 1.5 tsp honey w/ 3 tbsp yogurt, spread on face, and let set for 10 minutes... then wash it off...

    Egg Mask- to firm and nourish skin

    beat 1 egg white well, and spread all over face. Allow to dry & tighten. Rinse it off... ta da!

    i always follow up with a moisturizer to add and seal in moisture..