Favorite bath/shower product?

bal newbie

Sep 16, 2006
Inspired by the do you bathe or shower thread, I wanted to know everyone's favorite products they use in the bath/shower? I am totally obsessed with shower gels, scrubs, bubble baths, etc. All the great scents, oh my, I just got out of the bath and I wanna go again!

My skin has been dry lately after bathing (probably the HOT water I use) so I started using a soap-free shower cream (C.O. Bigelow's Lemon Shower Cream). Wow, what a difference!

What do you love???


Aug 27, 2006
I've loved raspberry B&BW products since my late teens. I use body cream(wash) in the winter and gel in the summer. Their scrubs with moisture beads are great too. I also like their foot scrub. The semiannual sale starts Wednesday, and I'm definetely going to stock up on my favorite products.
OMG, so many, I'm now using Origins Salt Scrub (minty but not overpowering), love Origins ginger too, The Body Shop passion fruit scent, Philosophy Amazing Grace, and the awesome and surprisingly cheap St. Ives Citrus Scrub. I buy the St. Ives stuff by the truckload, it's like $3 for a huge bottle. My bf loves it too.
Nov 9, 2006
My boss gave me a set of Jo Malone bath oils for Christmas and they smell divine! I particularly love the Orange Blossom :heart: one - it's a bit pricey though.

My favorite budget bath/shower products are the Boots Mediterranean range, particularly the Bergamot Orange & Olive Oil ones.