Favorite Bath Products

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  1. Lately I've been into Molton Brown. Revitalizing Vitamin AB+C for a pick me up and Warming Eucalyptus for winding down.

    Any others??
  2. currently love laura mercier almond coconut. smells like vacation someplace warm and sunny!
  3. I use Philosophys Baby Grace and Amazing Grace shower Gels. And I wear the Baby Grace perfume the most. Everyone tells me I smell good, they dont say I like your perfume...big difference. And the Baby Grace is NOT a baby powder scent (which I hate)...I've been using them for about 3 years and I wouldnt dream of switching!:heart:
  4. I just bought some new stuff from B&BW and it's called 100% Pure. I love it. Comes in all different types of scents. I got it in my usual Vanilla Bean. I and my BF are suckers for Vanilla Bean.
  5. I just bought some B&BW "pecan pie" 3-in-1 knock off Philosophy shower gel. But other than them I stick to the usual store brands-Johnson's Baby wash and Dial White Tea body wash.
  6. I love Philosophy's 3 in 1 Hot Cocoa. Mmmmmmm!!

    And, also... I like Dove's cucumber green-tea soap. It smells so good!!!
  7. Philosophy Amazing grace smells SO good. I'm a total bath product junkie!! Right now I use Philosophy and Bliss bath products. The super minty body scrub is AMAZING! :heart:
  8. You girls have great taste!

    I play it simple with the Body Shop's Milk Bath, a cup or five of epsom salts, and the occasional LUSH bath bomb.

    In the shower, I rotate Lothantique's ginger-scented exfoliating soap, some Italian drugstore brand's "latte e miele" liquid soap, Belle de Provence's rose soap, and a small handful of LUSH soaps.
  9. I am using a BBW body wash called Breathe. I also love the Amazing Grace shower gel and lotion. I used to get compliments all the time when I used it.
  10. Salt or sugar scrubs with bakery scents. Yumm!!!
  11. I use the L'Occitane En Provence Verbena Shower Lotion. I love this stuff!
  12. I am completely addicted to LUSH bath products - specifically their bath bombs and their bubble bars. Butterball and Sexbomb are my favorites. Their soaps are pretty unique too, everything from banana to white chocolate to lavender to olive oil. It's not cheap, but such a luxurious treat!
  13. Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish- esp. in winter when my skin gets quite dry.
  14. ^^ I am another huge Fresh fan; love the Brown Sugar Body Polish, and my favorite bath product is their Sugar Cubes in Lychee and Lemon; the smell is amazing and really helps me unwind. I also love their Nectarine Milk bath gel and Lychee Sugar bath gel. Great products overall.
  15. Orchids- I have the lychee bath cubes and love the scent too. I also use the Sake Bath.