favorite bag

  1. What is your favorite bag? So far, my favorite bag that I have is my Louis Vuitton Ellipse MM. It's huge...and it does look HUGE on me (since I'm really petite) but I love it anyway...
  2. My fave bag at the moment...hhmmmm..is my Damier 30..Ok..and my Baggy Gm green denim..sorry..cant pick just one..LOL!
  3. I :heart: my LV Cabas piano. I haven't really been carrying other bags since I got this a few months ago :shame:
  4. My LV Batignolles Horizontal:love: .
  5. Charlotte 24 (by Gerard Darel):heart: :heart: :heart:
  6. That I own? Ooh, that's hard. I think it would be my Breakfast at Tiffany's purse. Or my large elephant tote. I can't pick.
  7. My new damier speedy 25 purse!
  8. An el cheapo Gap bag, green with flowers. I love it !
  9. My Chanel medallion tote and Speedy 30. But that's only until I get a Damier Speedy 30 and a myrtle Alma. :biggrin:
  10. My big ol Tulum...God I love it....
  11. My black Kelly!:love:
  12. My Damier Saleya MM - I feel like it's the hottest bag I've ever owned. It really put to rest my Roxy (which I was faithful to for 5 whole months!!!!!!
  13. Ink city and brown Edith are my favourite at the moment.
  14. I feel bad picking favorites. My chanel & apple green balenciaga probably, but I love them all!
  15. i really love my 3 Escada bags and 2 Chanel Valentine heart bags