Favorite Bag You Would Buy a Duplicate of?

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  1. I'm finding myself loving Miu Miu so much that I'm considering buying a duplicate of one of them. Does anyone else have a bag you would buy a second one of just because you want to always have the bag and are afraid once it's gone yours will wear out and be gone forever?
  2. Chanel jumbo flap is mine. I just love the style. I'm not afraid it will ever be gone forever but it will certainly be more expensive!
  3. Oh, you've got that right, isn't the next increase November? Totally understand.
  4. Well, I have two MJ Stams in different colors and two Pierre Hardy satchels in different colors.
  5. I would definitely get a two of a bag if I really loved it. Accidents happen and it's good to have a backup just in case. Though I would probably be more likely to get two of the same style in a different color.
  6. I would get the LV speedy again in a heartbeat.
  7. i'd probably buy a duplicate of my MJ stam....love her so much and she's so fun to carry. it's my second day or 3rd day carrying her and i try to be really careful to take care of her even though she's black..LOL
  8. MbyMJ Faridah. It's such an easy bag to use & carry, and there are always fun new colors coming with each season.
  9. I'm with JaneD. I am waiting for another good Faridah color and will buy it in a heartbeat.
  10. I have three Balenciaga cities (in different colors though). I would really like to buy another black city to have as a backup :yes:
  11. I bought 3 of the Oroton Kelly bag. Two brown and one black. I have carried them for years now. That was before I found tPF and now only carry it when it rains. They don't water spot at all. I also bought a Lockheart in black and brown. I bought the black first and if I had seen the brown IRL I don't think I would've bought it. It is just nto as pretty as the black.
  12. LV Speedy. I have the mono but I really want to get a damier and mini lin.
  13. I have two LV Epi Mandara MM's in black and Myrtle, two MBMJ Faridah's in black and Fire, two Coach Hampton's totes in black and Coral, and four Coach Soho Ergo Hobos. If you find a bag you love it makes sense to have more than one!
  14. the classic chanel flap, I would love to have a collection of the bag from different decades.
  15. I have 2 Dior Gauchos: a large double saddle in blue (my favorite bag!:heart:) and a medium in green denim. I'm so in love with my large one that I'm on the hunt for 2(!) other ones: a red and a white one! :wacko: