Favorite Bag Purchase of the Year..so far!

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  1. What have you bought that you totally love so far this year?

    My favorite is the HH Gaza Luxe Satchel. I have not changed bags since I got this about 2 weeks ago and for me, that's a record!! I love everything about it, the size, the quality, the functionality, the color, how it 'fits' me, how if feels on my shoulder and the feel of it. :drool:

    How about you? What are you loving?
  2. Anna Corinna mini city tote in black. And oddly, it was an impulse buy, and I had my doubts because of the fold over feature. But I absolutely loved it when I got it.
  3. Mulberry Araline in black. It's so soft leather but also quite tough it hasn't marked and it's been out in the pouring rain. It looks small and slouchy, but it actually holds loads. The tassels are fab. I :heart: it.
  4. My new Tod's
  5. Oooh, great thread Grace! My fave this year by far is my Rouge VIF Balenciaga City... sooo smooshy and the color is sooo sassy!
  6. Balenciaga Twiggy Rouge vermilion, I can't stop using it
  7. Chanel Timeless Clutch in black caviar...it's been great for evenings out!
  8. My Dior Gaucho bag is my best bag for this year. I just got it and can't stop looking at it!
  9. My HH Havana Hobo....it's the perfect size, weight and shape for me. I can put alot in there without it bulking up. Love it!
  10. do you mean as far as bags you've only just bought this year (regardless of when they were released), or do you mean which bags that have been released this year?

    As for bags I've purchased this year - I think it's a tie between my Gustto Setela and Gryson Olivia bags.

    As for bags that have just been released within the last year - Gryson all the way!
  11. Marc Jacobs Stam in Black

    i love it to death!!

    1. huge kisslock
    2. carries lots of stuff
    3. i can see eveyrthing, no more rummaging
    4. its just so fun and glam and easy to wear
  12. My very favorite bag purchase this year was my spur of the moment Gustto Baca in blue.

    I didn't think I would like a smooshy, unstructured blob of bread dough leather, but I do! I like it so much I bought another one in a different color.
  13. I didn't buy it, but I love it all the more because of the person who bought it for me . . . my inscribed Anya Hindmarch Bespoke Ebury :heart::heart:
  14. Definately my choo ramona in black. It is classic and sexy.

    Second favorite is my kooba charlie in rose.

    And by the way .... I AM GOING BAG SHOPPING THIS WEEKEND!!
  15. It's a toss up between my Belen Echandia "Take Me Anywhere" bag in petrol, my Miu Miu hobo, or my Botegga Veneta tote...Love them ALL!:rolleyes: