Favorite bag of 2007?

  1. I "stole" this from another forum. What was your favorite Chanel purchase of 2007? Mods, please delete if someone already posted a similar thread.

    I'll go first ... my diamond stitch tote. It complements a cute dress or a pair of sweats. How can you go wrong? :upsidedown:

  2. Black Sharpei flap
  3. melrose tote
  4. expandable tote and flap
  5. 2007A Black Reissue w/gold hardware/ size 226
  6. Jumbo red with new chain, but I love my vinyl cabas too!
  7. metallic silver reissue and also the pearl chain flap.
    they are so easy to wear and goes everything,
  8. Black GST w/sh
  9. Red Expandable Tote - it started the SERIOUS Chanel addiction for me
  10. ooh i can't just pick one so i'll say the pythons (flap, tote and ritz) but i also love the Leo bag.
  11. Distressed hybrid flap - the one with MM lock; and
    Cruise 2008 lambskin - rouge clair.
  12. my melrose gradient.
  13. Les Marias Gold (black) flap :yes:.
  14. Yeah, nearly forgot about her!! I missed my chance to purchase her. I love her too! Wonder if it is still possible to find her? :drool:
  15. My Modern Chain with the glazed leather, but I also love my new Big Baby Cabas.

    Interestingly, I get more compliments on my MC than on my Cabas.