Favorite bag... anyone else don't like the gold metal square in the front bag ?

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  1. Favorite bag... anyone else don't like the gold metal square in the front bag ?

    Do you like the rectangular square or not like it ?

    I feel like the rectangular square gold metal that says louis vuitton... make the bag look cheap.
    What do you think ?
  2. Yes I noticed that I never go for bags with gold metal square Lv or not. The only thing that I would tolerate it is the metal opening of Chanel bags.
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  3. It doesn’t bother me. :smile:
  4. I actually like the little gold bar on the front of the Favorite, but always hated the square gold emblem on the Eva. Go figure.
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  5. Same, I love the gold bar on the favorite. It’s very small and helps to make the bag look dressier. I’ve always disliked the metal on the Eva - especially the really large one on the Damier.
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  6. Yep, not a fan! I’m with you on this one and stay clear of anything that has it
  7. I second that! Love it on the Favorite, hate it on the Eva. Maybe the little gold strap on the Favorite makes it look classier.
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  8. I love the one for the Eva, Berkeley, Thames and Galliera. The One on the favorite is ok too, just don't like a magnetic flap.
  9. Hehehe but the Eva has a gold chain strap too, lol. Let’s stop trying to find an excuse, we just don’t like the Eva and that’s ok :lol:
  10. I love the gold plate on Eva and Thames. Makes it looks so special!
  11. Not true! LOL! I love the Eva. I have it in all three prints. I like the damier prints better than the mono because of the gorgeous plate. I have one Favorite in mono, and I like it fine, too...just not as much as the Eva. I probably won't be getting more than just the one Favorite. I honestly think the Favorite would look to plain without the little gold plate.
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  12. I do like gold plates on bags too. I don’t necessarily go for bags that have them but can’t really imagine Favorite or Eva without the plates.
  13. I like the gold plate, without it the Favorite would look a lot like the Pochette Accessoires ;) .
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  14. I like the gold plate as it dresses it up a bit. I feel like it'd look pretty boring without it.

    I am also one who doesn't like the plate on the Eva, but the Eva would be pretty boring without it. So I guess I also fall into the category of just not liking the Eva lol.
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  15. I love the bar on the Favorite. I agree it adds just enough bling to make it date night ready, but casual enough to wear everyday. I think the plate on the Eva is too large for such a small bag. I love the plate on my Galliera bag. I guess it’s all about personal preferences.
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