Favorite B Bag to wear with Black clothing


Apr 21, 2006
I wear black pretty often and I know that a Black Balenciaga bag is just overkill and the bag would go unnoticed (heaven forbid!). What bag do you like best to wear when you are dressed in (casual) black? Thanks, Peggy
anything red. it pops. if you want to be more formal than casual, something more along the lines of grenat as opposed to rouge vif or something like that.
Any of the beautiful bright colours Bbags come in! Or any colour actually.. I think bordeaux would be killer too. For me, it's pewter.. but that's cuz it's what I have and well - helps that it's my dream bag too!
Well I haven't gotten to try every bbag color yet :P , but I have to say the '05 ICE BLUE looks especially, especially amazing with black!! I wear a lot of black, and every bbag color I've tried looks good with black, but the ice blue just looks especially amazing against black clothes.
With black I wear my red Twiggy, cornflower City, or black & white damask Day. If it's the summertime with black I wear my pale rose Purse or my white Twiggy.