Favorite 'Awareness' Songs?

  1. What are your favorite songs that bring awareness?
    (I got inspired from the Don't Give Up (Africa) thread.)

    Mine are:

    We Are The World

    My parents bought the tape and we would listen to it every time we drove to Toronto. As I got older I understood what the song meant and why all the stars were singing it. At the time when I saw the video, I only recognized Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper. I watched the video last night and I recognized so many more people. It's funny, because I was like, "Oh my God! That's Steve Perry!"

    What's Going On (9/11)

    I love the song, and I loved seeing the people that were normally 'feuding' coming together for such a worthy cause. (Granted, the truce didn't last as long as it should, but something as horrible as 9/11 brought people together that normally wouldn't do anything together.)

    Voices That Care

    I sang this for my sixth grade graduation. The video is really cheesy, but it's a very sweet message. It was made in support of the troops (during the first Gulf War). And again, it's funny how many people you can recognize in the video. The people in the video were so passionate singing and my sixth grade class . . . ? Let's just say we didn't have as much feeling when we were singing it!

    Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix)

    You hear "Throw your diamonds in the sky if you feel the vibe" and you think 'Great. It's just another song about a rapper's bling!' But it's really not. If you listen to the lyrics and watch the video he talks about something so beautiful (diamonds) coming from a country filled with violence and bloodshed.
  2. Do they know its Christmas

    I love listening to it =D
  3. One by U2

    On The Turning Away by Pink Floyd

    He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother by the Hollies

    From A Distance (God is Watching Us) by Bette Midler
  4. "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye
    "Do They Know It's Christmas" by all of those British artists
    "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "Pride" by U2
    "White Lines (Don't Do It)" by Grandmaster Flash
    "Zombie" by The Cranberries
  5. Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson
    Black Or White by Michael Jackson

    They're catchy, they're fun to sing along to, but if you listen to the message and hear the lyrics, they each have a very important message. In Black or White he's talking about racial harmony. In Man In The Mirror, he's saying that if we want good things done, we have to look at ourselves first. We have to change ourselves and then we can work to change other things.

    Heal The World by Michael Jackson

    The lyrics are beautiful, and there's such a wonderful message in the song. I remember singing this at a Martin Luther King, Jr. concert in seventh place.
  6. Relax---Frankie Goes to Hollywood!
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