Favorite article of clothing you've gotten the most wear out of?

  1. I just thought about this today when I put on my favorite pair of jeans. Do you have an article of clothing that you've had a while, but still wear it just as much as when you first got it?

    For me it's my pair of Joey TR jeans. I have dozens of jeans but I only wear these. I've had them for years. They are worn in just right. The fit is perfection. I'll probably be buried in these jeans. LOL.

    What about you??
  2. Probably my 7FAM dojo jeans in indigo wash, and Lucky Brand lil maggie jeans (I have like 4 pair with different pockets haha)...
    hmmm...don't know that I could really name any tops as those get ruined so fast ya know?
    my North Face Denali fleece is proving to be an amazing purchase.
    And my Coach ballet flats with the rubber reinforcements on the sole, cute on top and functional on the bottom...they will last a looooong time!
  3. Not clothing, but I wear my 4 pairs of Coach tennis shoes all the time. They are so comfy and cute. I also wear my CL simple pumps all the time. They are so comfortable and cute.

    For clothing..I wear my 7FAM and COH jeans the most. I wear A&F hoodies and North Face Denali fleece all the time at home. Oh and lulu lemon yoga pants!
  4. ^^ I forgot to add my AF hoodies too...they are super soft and cozy!

    priiin have you tried the Coach ballet flats that have the rubber detailing/sole like chuck's? they are adorable and suuuuper comfy!
  5. Joe's Jeans in Honey. I get a zillion compliments every time I rock them. This is a must have for every lady with a bubble :smile:
  6. I have AF hoodies I wear alot too! It is probably time to throw them away...
  7. hmm... will it give you an illusion of a butt? If so I may have to check these out. LOL.
  8. I actually do have a pair and they are super comfy!! I like them more than my haviana flip flops :biggrin: Coach shoes are so cute and affordable!! My CL flats are TERRIBLY uncomfortable! :tdown:
  9. oddly enough, i have several pairs of old navy skinny jeans that i LOVE. i wear them with everything when it's cool outside. i've tried on many many pairs in all kinds of price ranges, but i like the old navy skinnies the best. woo!
  10. right now its a black wool vintage skirt, its kind of like the dior new look skirts. it sticks out loads.
    a a pair of black patent mary jane shoes
  11. I have a black and white graphic printer Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress that I have worn to death. Worth every penny.
  12. I second the DVF wrap dresses. Mine go everywhere - work, drinks, dinner, parties, etc. They can so easily be dressed up or down.
  13. I third that! I have gone crazy with her dresses this season. I feel so classy in them whether casual or dressy. No thought-just pick one out ( WHAT COLOR AM I FEELING TODAY) and GO.......:yes::heart::yes::heart:
  14. DVF here too! They're literally all I wear. Add a pair of killer Louboutins and look instantly pulled together!
  15. I've been wearing my 7FAM jeans in Roxanne since Oct. People think I've been wearing same jeans everyday but I actually have 3 pairs of same kind for rotation.