favorite and most used MAC brush?

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  1. I am all into these brushes now. I love the 228, 217 and 224. Of course mine are LC maxine mops version though.. :P
  2. 187,239,224,..
  3. 187,168,190,and182 are my most used MAC brushes.
  4. I love the 187 for foundation, bronzer, msf..pretty much everything and I love the 239 and the 217 for eyeshadow.
  5. oh nad i forgott 217..thanks for remaining Fendi213 :kiss:
  6. My most used are 190,109,187,224,217,213,252 and 129
    My favorite cant live w/o! are 109, 190, 224, 266.

    I know it sounds like alot, but that is what I use everyday. I think because I like to use my 190 for moisturizer and primer then 109 for my foundation and buffing and blush. 187 if ive used my studio tech to smooth or for light coverage, and my 129 to set the foundation w/ loose powder then I guess I buff with my 181se. I always use a base (udpp, paint pots) thats where my 252 comes in and 213 packs color and 217 for my crease and 224 to soften and diffuse, OH i use my 266 everyday! I swear by fluidline.

    Whats the point in having 3972483 brushes if I dont use them! I hate seeing thing I spent good money for going to waste. I know I could really just use y 109 for my face because it is my all time fave since i came into my life (love it more that 187!) but i cant stand to do it!.
  7. Can't live without 187! I used to use 190 for face, but I like 187 MUCH better! It's so easy to use.

    For eyes, I don't know what I'd do without my 224. You can't complete a look without it!
  8. #129 for blush and #187 for foundation and loose powder
  9. 217 for my (eye) crease ... I LOVE this brush, it has the white bristles.
  10. 366 for lining my eyes with a shadow and 239 for general eye shadow application.
  11. Oh man, you guys make want to go buy some brushes! :girlsigh:
  12. 187, 210, 217, 239
  13. I love love love the 187. Can't live without it!
  14. 182 and 187.
  15. 217 for applying eyeshadow and 187 brush for blending foundation