Favorite album cover art?

  1. While filling up my ipod (not only songs, but lyrics and cover art) there are a few that I find really cool.

    I figured we have a thread for work done by live artists as well as dead artists, so why not have one for album cover art?

    Here are my recent favorites:
    (all pictures come from wikipedia)

    This is the single of Albion by Babyshambles.
    The cover is so British! I read a book called England, England by Julian Barnes. England, England is about the creation of an English themed amusement park called "England England" which also operates as an independent state. This album cover reminds me of that book cover.
    This song deals with the concept of Albion, a mythological England.

    This is the album Odessey and Oracle by The Zombies.
    This album was released in 1968, and I love how it captured the psychedelic '60s.

    This is Diva by Annie Lennox.
    I love the contrast of her pale skin and the feathers. (And if that's actually Annie on the cover, she's GORGEOUS, proving she looks just as beautiful in men's suits as she does in showgirl feathers.)

    This is Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me by The Cure.
    I love it because if you're going to have an album with Kiss Me in the title, lips should obviously play a role in the cover art. These lips are the ENTIRE cover. It's lips, but it's not just lips, if you know what I mean. There's something to them.
  2. i love the cover for rumors by fleetwood mac.
  3. BY FAR - Elton John's 1975 cover: Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy
  4. oh and here's the whole thing!!! LOVE this. The artwork is so intricate.
  5. [​IMG]
    This is the single My Band by D12 featuring Eminem.
    I love it because they're obviously trying to recreate the Boy Band Album Cover.
    The concept of the song is that Eminem is the lead singer of the band and the other guys are just jealous. The other guys resent the fact that Eminem gets all the attention, all the perks, the best looking ladies . . . . They sing like they're serious but at the end they all start cracking up. At some point, during the final chorus, "F:censored:ck Marshall!" is clearly heard.

    This is the single Outside by George Michael.
    The song is simple: "Let's go outside." A simple song needs a simple album cover. I also love the contrast between that and the discoesque song.

    This is Graduation by Kanye West.
    This is so fitting for him. He's the self-proclaimed Louis Vuitton Don, so who better to design his album cover than the man who created the Monogram Multicolore line, Takashi Murakami?

    This is the single of Number One Spot by Ludacris.
    The song samples Soul Bossa Nova by Quincy Jones, the song used as the Austin Powers theme song.
    I love what Ludacris did with the sampling, I respect him as a rapper and he's doing the Dr. Evil finger.

    This is Life In Cartoon Motion by Mika. It's loud, it's colorful and for some reason, it reminds me of Free To Be You And Me. It's modern psychedelic.

    The pictures represent the tracks on the album: Lollipop, Relax, Take It Easy, Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) . . . .
  6. Arc of a Diver - Steve Winwood is my favourite
    Arc of a Diver Cover.jpg
  7. I've always thought this was perfect:
  8. [​IMG]
    Abrexas by Santana (1970)

    Supernatural by Santana (1999)

    All I can say is: Wow.
  9. LMAO @ Eminem and Luda's album covers!
  10. [​IMG]- Mika, Life in Cartoon Motion

    - Arctic Monkeys, Favourite Worst Nightmare

    - The Fratellis

    - Jessica Simpson, Sweetest Sin
  11. These are my 3 fave artists of the moment. Highly recomended.
    Arcade Fire
    Neon Bible
  12. [​IMG]
    - The Beatles, Abbey Road

    - Madonna - Confessions of a dancefloor

    - Kylie, X
  13. [​IMG]
    - Bruce Springsteen, Born in The USA

    Stereophonics, Pull The Pin

    - Radiohead, I Might Be Wrong
  14. I loooove confessions and Madonna! I saw in Chicago the last 3 times she's come and its been amazing every time! Madonna is amazing and puts her foot into every performance.
  15. [​IMG]

    Rainbow - Ayumi Hamasaki


    A Ballads - Ayumi Hamasaki

    My two favourites anyway