Favorite Accessories On/IN Your Bag??

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  1. What's your favorite accessory either on the outside of your bag or inside your bag??

    I used pouchettes, twillys, silk pom poms, key chains of fruit, animals etc, cadenas and breloques charms on the outside of my bags. Initially I used more "stuff" on the out side. My favorite now is a cadenas or breloque charm. The only bags I don't use locks on are my croc and my vibrato bags.

    On the inside I adore my all my Hermes accessories so it is hard to pick just one but if I must . . . . I guess it would be, . . . ok, . . . two, . . . my Azap Financial and Hermes pencil holder (I forgot its name).

    What's yours??
  2. My raisin chevre Bearn. Absolutely love it.
  3. Inside my H bag-Ulysse noetbook: It is soooo helpful in my everyday affairs.
    Outside my H bag-orange leather charm: It reminds me of how juicy life is....
  4. on the outside, the PIG animal charm keychain is fav accessory of the month

    on the inside, it is my fuchsia ostrich bearn - i just love to look inside my bag to see her pretty color...
  5. Outside, it's a tie between my Tiger keychain and Pegasus cadena. Inside, my Ulysee!:flowers:
  6. On outside, I love my lemon fruit leather charm for the pop of colour it adds to my etoupe picotin.

    On the inside, I love my orange ulysse pm. It feels so nice and everything I write in it feels important!
  7. Thanks Sus for starting this thread. :flowers:

    On my birkins >> Breloque Charm. :yes:

    Inside my birkins >> Karo + Azap Long + coin purse that looks like an envelope (oops, I forgot it's name)
  8. On my bag, I always have a cadena hanging off the tirette/clochette--animal ones and the harp are among my favorites. Occasionally I will tie a pochette around the handle of a Kelly; my current favorite is the Fantaisies Indiennes pochette--the intricate detail looks wonderful when tied.

    In my bag it varies, but the musts are my vertical Azap wallet, Bearn CC case, the Pilo Pouch PM for my phone, Picolo for pens, Vision II agenda, and a Karo, be it in the PM or GM size.
  9. Inside it's always a Paul Smith wallet but on the outside I love my huge bear keyring or my H label twilly....plan on getting some more of the H animal keyrings as they are so cute
  10. My clover keychain. :love:

    I have a few H items I really do love, but I collect "lucky" H (well, lucky most anything!) so it is very near and dear.

    Plus an amazing gal gave it to me for Christmas.... so it holds even more :heart: for me...
  11. Okay ladies, how about some PHOTOS?

  12. :nuts:what's the colour combo of your Pilo Pouch, orchids:heart:?
  13. MrsS--I got the brown/orange combo--was tempted by the other combos but figured the brown would shown the least amount of handling and of course, it's signature Hermes! :flowers:

    Here's a shot of my Kelly with the Fantaisie Indiennes pochette along with the elephant cadena:


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  14. This is really beautiful!

  15. Very yummy, Orchids!:woohoo: