Favor: Havana Modelling Pictures

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  1. Hey girls! I'm interested in purchasing the havana hobo, but I'm afraid it's too big on me. I'm 5' 4''. I would like to able to use it as an everyday bag. I've searched the forum for modelling pictures, and I've seen an occasional picture, but I'm begging for help. Can somebody direct me with a link of multiple modelling pictures? Perhaps of color brandy, black, or eucalyptus? Thank you!!
  2. Hello! I have one picture with my Cordovan Havana. I'm 5'4" too and I don't think it's huge, the size is great for a everyday bag (IMO).
    Hope it helps! :biggrin:
  3. ^ Great pic, you look awesome as always.
    I agree that it's a good everyday bag and fits most sizes and shapes. 5'4" is plenty tall for a havana
  4. Please, ignore my bathroom! ack! :nuts:

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  5. Thank you! Yep, I think is plenty tall for a Havana!
    What do you think about the ginger one?
  6. My 3 Havanas (sorry, not the colors you requested)
    Hope this helps (im 5'7")
  7. ^^Man....:drool: VCP havana
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    Sorocaba - Havana looks good but your smile has it beat by a mile!

    Also, are those Levi's 542 jeans? One of my faves. Then again, I used to have a pair of Blue Cults that had the same flap pocket.

    (And is that a doll on the changing table?? :blink:smile:
  9. ^^^^ Havana is a really amazing style! :cloud9::cloud9:
  10. Just got a black havana. I'm 5'2 and 120 lbs and I don't think that it looks too big at all on me, but I do tend to favor big bags. I posted a pic in another thread I started on saturday about my first havana purchase. let me know if you want me to take a bigger/closer up pic.
  11. i like your boots! may i ask where they're from? i wore out my grey boots last season :sad:
  12. Hi, Sybaryte! Thanks! :biggrin:
    Yep, you are right, I love Levi's and 542 with flap pocket is one of my favorites too!
    Yep again, it's a doll (american doll) on my changing table! LOL!:P
  13. I need to join the havana crew....was hoping for a dealio during bb, but I'm not sure that will ever happen...Should I just take the plunge???
  14. They are Frye Tall Avas
  15. I think the Havana would look great on anyone, big or small :smile: And 5'4 is great :smile: