Faves of My dior collection--pictures of my babes

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  1. [​IMG]

    these are my faves... top ones are the classic stuff, the pink one is my princessy purse and the bottom is when I go for spin.

    Absolutely love my limited edition pink purse.. !!! anyone else has that purse?My purse ID is 0301, wonder anyone has the 0001 or 1000 here? high 5!!:heart:
  2. WOW.. I love your limited edition!!! It's sooo pretty!

    Actually I love yor entire collection,,, but the limited edition is a beauty!!!!
  3. love your lady diors! it's a classy collection you have there. and wowsers to your l.e. pink dior!! :drool:

    thanks for sharing your lovely bags with us! :heart:
  4. [​IMG]

    I love your collection!!!!
  5. looks like i will spend my life living in jealousy and envy ...your bags are too gorgeous ! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  6. I don't know why I missed you collection but whoa what a collection you got there!

    I'm really envious of that pink limited edition one. It's so cute and girly.
  7. And I forgot to add, aren't Dior shoes just the best?

    I only have one pair, but their super comfy despite it's 3 inch heels :heart:

  8. do you mean those ones that go with your gaucho ? :yes: arent they the most beautiful ever ? still cant get over them *floats away to Dior shoes dreamland * :drool: :heart: :drool: my new diors are 4.75 inch i´ll probably end up on my a*s at least 3 times in first 10 minutes when i finally wear them hihih
  9. Jes is that a black Lady Dior there in the back ? what size is that ? :yes:

    just wanted to add that i love your avatar plsplspls post more pics of your baby in animalicious forum :heart: :love: :heart: !
  10. That is actually a dark blue lady dior, I have no idea what size it is. It was a gem that I picked up from dior outlet at only $400~~~ According to the SA, it is a much older design for lady dior. It seems bigger than the current season lady diors.
    Actually, that's my purse for my dog =p My dog no longer looks like his pic in my avatar, he's grown older and his hair is blonde now~:heart:love my dog, love my diors:heart: my dogs has been in all my purses before. To me, he's my hermes birkin =) the gem of all gems
  11. thanks ladys, you have more than kind with compliments. I hope I will able to have more limited edition over the years. I heart the pink one the most too, not too mention all dior shoes.
    Unfortunately for me, I dont like saddle because I prefer bigger bags, hope I'll add a saddle one day to my collection.
  12. The pink one is really pretty!!!

    Can we have modeling pics, please? It must look so cute on you!
  13. wow!! your faves look so cute!! thanks for sharing!! I :heart: the pink one!
  14. Very pretty collection!
  15. Beautiful collection.