Fave/Worst Bag in Your Closet

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  1. List your one favorite and one worst designer bags in your closet. Provide pics, if necessary.

    Personally, I love my 3 year old Louis Vuitton Ellipse backpack. It is a great shopping buddy. It carries all my essentials (wallet, lip gloss, cell phone, & lotion) comfortably on my shoulders. This bag commands attention wherever it goes and yet practical when my hands are overloaded with shopping bags. If not familar with this bag, check out the stock photo below.

    My worst bag is a Burberry hand-held bag. It is a leather satchel-type bag. The style is plain and old fashion and it comes in a beige color. Together, it makes for a hideous looking bag that my granny should carry. I had buyer's remorse the next day, but could not return it to Saks since that particular store was having a going-out-of-business sale. I'll try to get a photo of it.
  2. [​IMG]I hope it does not disappear again. Here's the pic of LV Ellipse backpack.
  3. Oh, goodness! I couldn't say! I sell the ones I fall 'out of love' with and there are too many others to choose from. Heck, I only have two kids and I couldn't tell you which is my favorite (well, moment to moment, one can be better than the other, but overall.....)!
  4. Louis Vuitton Popincourt Haut.. also incidently the most expensive bag in my closet (sadly!). I love the shape and how it sits comfortably on your shoulder.

    The worse bag.. would probably be this squeaky laptop bag I got from work. It's the worse, it's heavy and only gets heavier.. plus that annoying sound whenever it moves is awful !
  5. I have 2 favorites...my Marc Jacobs buckled handbag in cherry blossom and my LV muticolor alma in black.

    My worst bag is my old Prada I bought back in 1997. It was my first designer purchase and it was abused! The long leather strap handles have turned a strange greenish color...but I did get a lot of mileage out of that bag though!
  6. i am not just saying this i really love all my bags! the only two i dont like are because they got dirty too quick hehehe
    seriously i love them all!!
  7. I have a Juicy bag that I really don't like that much anymore. But my fav is def my Paddy... and my Horsebit hobo!! I love them!!
  8. Wow is this hard if you are truly a bag lover. My LV's are my favorite they hold up well for me but then again my Paddington is waiting to be used I will pull it out and tear off the tags today. Least favorite if I have to pick is my suede coach beaded tote because I love it so much and don't want to get it dirty or stained.
  9. Did you suede spray your Coach? I work for them and I always tell people to do that as an added layer of protection. The Ugg boot spray works well.
  10. Fashion,

    Thanks so much yes I did but I am still afraid. I have used it often but treat it like a baby. Thanks again:love:
  11. Not sure, have a lot that I still love and a lot that I'd probably offload if I had more ebay smarts :lol:
  12. i just posted up 2 bags on ebay that i got bored of. a juicy baby fluff and ellen tracy satchel. off they go, i just need more shelf space!
  13. ^^ I guest my three least favorites went out the door yesterday! When they sell, the money comes back in!
  14. I have a new suede satchel from Tod's and I'm also afraid to use them. Where do you buy this suede spray and what are the best brands? Thx.
  15. My fav purse is the burberry barrel bag, my very first designer bag too. It's very roomy and can handle alot of abuses but it still looks new till this day.

    My least favorite bag is the small Fendi hobo. I guess I grew out of this bag...