fave summer colors

  1. So I'm now curious: what is YOUR favorite summer color in a bag: -- black not allowed. And do you wear your fave color casual, say with jeans or more dressed up for work? Enquiring minds want to know!
  2. I would love a bubble Gum Pink or Fuschia for summer,
    Would get a a small classic with old chain in an instant!
  3. chanelbaby, I realized as hard as I tried to like a "color", I can't. I exchanged my Medallion tote in mint green today for ... another black Chanel. The Cambon has a casual look and it's a little smaller than my jumbo flap which is perfect. I suspect other gals like black as much as me even in summer which is why no one is posting. Anyway, I hope u get your PINK!
  4. my fav summer color would be the patent blush pink. unfortunately, i'm still looking for one. i saw it on personalshoppers but it was too pricy for me so i'm wearing my white lambskin right now =)
  5. I like camel for summer. And my new red.
  6. I love the new red and am putting it on my wish list. creams and beiges are soooo pretty looking but on me they look blah. White scares me. I think my last white purse was my holy communion. yikes... that was decades ago!!!! LOL
  7. I vote pink too, or any candy color
  8. any light / neon colors! I love everything colorful! :biggrin:
  9. i love coral, peach/blush, and baby blues for a summery chanel bag!
  10. I love the new red and I wear it with everything I can, from nice clothes to work/business casual to jeans. I would love to find just the right bag in just the right shade of ivory - this is my summer goal.
  11. I would love a white bag (i'm just too afraid of it getting dirty and discoloring over time).
  12. Hot pink, green (would have LOVED your mint green Medallion), straw. If CHANEL brought out a straw and leather handbag, I would be all over it for summer. My black and white cambon is too much for some of my summer outfits. I bought the large beige timeless tote, but I really would love a casual CHANEL in a bright, happy color for summer (or straw, lol).
  13. fieryfashionist I can see why u love your pink bag. It's like candy... you probably want to take a bite out it. And kuriso good luck trying to find a patent pink. I haven't seen one, just the pink leathers. I did like Chanels camel beige to look at aprilvalentine. Actually I don't get tired looking at any of them LOL. They're all gorgeous. Maybe next summer, now that I have my blacks covered I can branch out to another color. Maybe.:shrugs: Hey, I'm going to the trunk show on June 4th or 5th and I'll see if they let me take photos of the new fall colors and post them.:yahoo:
  14. I love red, but yellow is my fave summer color for Chanel-I got the yellow drawstring tote last year and I can't wait to start using it.