Fave Red?? **Picture comparison** =)


Best red?

  1. Rouge Vif

  2. Vermillion

  3. Rouge Theatre

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Rouge Vif First, Rouge Theatre Twiggy.

    The Middle 2 are taken without flash. The last 2 are Macro mode.


    My vote is still RT :heart:
  2. my vote is for the RT too but they are all pretty.
  3. My favorite is Rouge Theater! I have to get my hands on one!!!!:nuts:
  4. My choice is still rouge theatre....i love that color and also thinking of aiming one.....:greengrin: :greengrin:
  5. I like the RT!
  6. RT Twiggy.:yes:
  7. Rouge Vif:love:
  8. RT is a fab red, impossible to find! if you had one, why would you ever let it go??:shrugs:
  9. I think I've made like a billion polls on red B-bags now. But I can't help it, they're so pretty....:love:
  10. Rouge Theater is the best red IMO!! I love the darker color compared to the others:love:
  11. Interesting .... my vermillion doesn't look orange like yours. I love my vermillion so, I vote for it ;)
  12. It's weird, the Vermillion only looks orange next to Rouge Vif or Rouge Theatre.

    Otherwise it is just SUPER SUPER bright.
  13. RV all the way!
  14. I vote for VIF, no, wait, Vermillion, ummm...Maybe RT - Oh heck, I'll take them all!!!!!:tender:
  15. it's sooo hard to decide liz...
    but i think i'm loving the vermillion, but i don't know... i love em all.
    can't vote :p