fave purchase of 2007?

  1. got say mine was carly. what's yours?
  2. Hands down, my Coach dog carrier :smile: I absolutely adore it :heart:
  3. Medium Carly in Khaki/Beet. Hands down, she is my favorite. I get comments from the SA's everytime I go in the store about how popular and hard to get my Carly is.
  4. large black sig carly!!!!!!!!! :love:
  5. Definitely my chocolate signature Leigh. Probably my favorite bag ever.
  6. My white Ali and whiskey Mandy...love them--gorgeous bags at a great price....although I haven't used them yet....have to wait until after Christmas!
  7. I love my large khaki/beet carly but not as much as my whiskey MANDY!!:yahoo:
  8. My white legacy slim flap! I love that bag! :love:
  9. Bordeaux Miranda & Black medium Lily (whiskey Mandy comes in a very close third!)
  10. my medium khaki/ebony carly :love: :yahoo: :love:
    although I must say I am really starting to fall for this 06' whiskey shoulder bag too! :graucho:
  11. It's definitely my large khaki/saddle Carly. I love that bag!:heart:
  12. legacy balck shoulder bag.. i was stalking her on eBay for about 5 months and got her at a great deal. i have been faithfully carrying her since..
  13. My Signature Carly!^-^
  14. My shoe purchases are my favorite :smile:
  15. My peony tote and wallet. I've never loved my new coach items this much!