Fave Hermes Skin

  1. considering all factors:

    maintenance level
    WOW factor

    which is your fave and why?
  2. glazed croc
    matte croc
  3. If money were no option it would have to be glazed croc. The WOW factor goes without saying and the colors are amazing in croc. When you see a Hermes croc bag you just can't believe it...it is a piece of beautiful art.
    If you maintain them properly they will last a lifetime. I have had croc/gator bags that are 50-60 years old that are not Hermes and they are even amazing. I would assume Hermes steps it up another level.
  4. I'm in lovenwith the lizard skin, I think it's so beautiful. I really never liked crocs. Also my other fav leathers are:
    Epsom my most fav.
    Togo it's ok
    Fjord it's so buttery
    Chevre is ok too
  5. I love chevre. It has a nice subtle sheen. However, it wrinkles on the sides. My box birkin is lined with what I believe to be cyclamen chevre and now it is showing wrinkles on the inside. Also, my rouge chevre birkin is showing wrinkles on the side. But I was told by a SA that this is normal.
  6. Does anyone have a pic of the Fjord? Is it similar to box?
  7. Jag, Fjord is a textured leather, it's a bit like Clemence but less soft and heavier (or at least the same weight) it came out much before Clemence..

    My fav leather is matt croc, I find it more understated than shiny,and I would use it all day long both with casual clothing and more elegant..
    My second and third favs are Clemence and Box..
  8. Thanks duna!

    I need to go look at the pics section again- all of these selections are so confusion to keep straight! I want them all!
  9. For me for now, I love my ostrich and my chevre equally - the chevre because it is so lightweight and love the unique spine factor; the ostrich because it's just special! I honestly don't care for the crocs or lizard..
  10. My choices would be:

    WOW Factor: Croc! However, my SA and store managerwarned me that it needs special-loving care as croc bags hate moisture, humidity and RAIN. Even if you bring it back to be refurbished by Hermes, it's very difficult to get the damage out. This is especially true for glazed croc ... matte croc is better.

    Durability and maintenance: Well, I love my epsom and chevre bags equally. But I can't wait to get ostrich.

    I prefer lizard only for accessories as I'm always scared that the scales might crac over time.
  11. Definitely croc or ostrich. I think the ostrich is divine; you don't see ostrich bags as often as croc bags (considering all the "fake croc" bags and accessories I've seen...turns me off a bit).

    And as always...:heart: goatskin Chevre.
  12. I love the ostrich!
  13. do hermes actually kill these animals to make these silly overprice bags?
  14. I want the ostrich.. Fuschia.. or BJ.. yummy!
  15. I'd have to say Togo. :biggrin: