Fave Hermes Evening Bag


Fave Hermes Bag for Evening/Dressy Occassions

  1. jige clutch

  2. kelly elan

  3. jpg kelly

  4. 25cm kelly

  5. 28cm kelly

  6. mini constance

  7. other hermes bag, pls specify

  8. other brand bags, pls specify

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  1. ladies, what is your fave hermes bag for evening/dressy occassions?
  2. I choose mini constance. Nice to be worn with a dress and stilettos.
  3. Hmmm I must admit I dunno some of the bags up there...

    But if you're referring to the leather clutch with the H leather strap... I think that's gorgeous and what I'd like to carry for a fancy evening.. like opera or a banquet
  4. I love the Kelly 25 or 28 rigide black box for this purpose. Since I don't go to many super-formal events, I don't think I need a clutch just yet, but I'd love to have one eventually.
  5. I'm with Greentea. Love the Kelly 25 rigide in black Box/Silver but the Kelly Elan tops my list!
  6. Isn't there a smaller Kelly than the 25 ? The croc one that was on the runways this winter I'm thinking of, or is that a 25 ? Whatever it is, I :love: it..!!
  7. Hi duna, yes, there are 20cm (Mini) and even 15cm (Mini-Mini?) but I don't believe they are produced anymore. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they may be SO'd. Their SO workshop can make just about anything! I remember seeing 15cm Kellys in the Paris shop windows within the last few years. I like the proportions of a 15cm and 25cm better than the 20cm, which in my opinion has handles too large compared to its body.
  8. I totally agree about the handle on the 20 being a little too obtrusive. The 25cm is perfection!
  9. Mini Kelly or Jige. I'd love to get a Jige as my 1st initial is H also. (Heather) :amuse:
  10. I'm not a clutch person because I'm afraid of forgetting it!

    I personally like the 25cm Kelly because it's a very good size and you can still put a decent amount of your things. The shoulder strap also makes it practical.

    As an alternative, I also like the JPG Kelly.
  11. I loooove the jige clutch!!! I so want one! :love:

    Does anyone know how to pronounce jige? I want to find out the exact price, but don't want to call the store and sound stupid!
  12. I love jige clutches made in suede leather. Alternative to the leather ones.
  13. Oh no, I'm in the minority:hrmm: ... (sole vote for the JPG Kelly). Nevertheless, I adore mine!:shame: