fave h fragrance

  1. I love the bottles with the leather on top esp. poivre (i think that is my next purchase).....

    what is your favorite? and why?
  2. Caleche Delicate...Because I love the clean scent and it is pretty much the only perfume I can wear that doesn't give me a headache. :smile: I like Eau D'Orange Vert a lot too! Haven't sniffed any of the Hermessences yet. Keep forgetting to do that when I go to SF. :shame:
  3. Love Un Jardin Sur le Nil and of the Hermessences, I love Rose Ikebana and Vertiver :love:
  4. Make sure you ask for some samples from your SA the next time you buy a little something. S/he may forget to give them to you but they have a lot of them.
  5. Jardin sur le Nil is what I'm wearing right now, and I love it!

    ..... but, before that, I wore rose and ambre' in the Hermessences line and still were those occasionally.

    It's so interesting to me, that in all my years I had yet to find fragrances that I felt were "me" until I started using Hermes. I just wore no fragrances at all, before Hermes.

    elizabeth, I can relate to liking the bottles with leather tops. Kind of feels like you're getting a leather accessory, too, when you buy your perfume!
  6. Susi, we smell alike! LOL!! :p
  7. i use their rouge solid perfume. the smell is a bit heavy but it translates as very clean on me for some reason (i've spent a lot of time chasing fragrances that did not have the same scent on as they did in the bottle). and for some reason i've recently developed an allergic reaction to sprays, so after venturing away from rouge, i'm back again since it's a solid (tremendously convenient for travel too).
    sadly, not particular fun in terms of packaging or anything though.
  8. I wear 'Un Jardin Sur Le Nil' regularly, although I do like the Amber and Rose, they just haven't broken through my 'Nil' habit. I agree with Isus, that I had worn other perfumes for many years, I had a Prescriptives habit, but once I was tried Hermes that was it for me, as was the case with their leather goods, of course. The New Yorker magazine wrote a wonderful article a few years ago about the perfume division at Hermes and it really explained how seriously they have takened their 'smells' for lack of a better word.
  9. it was made for the boys, but i love terre d'hermes on me. :love:
  10. I only wear Jardin sur le Nil. It's very fresh and clean and the packaging is so pretty!
  11. Rose Ikebana for me!
  12. I discovered "Merveilles" in St. Barts and never recovered. To me it is citrus-y,and feminine but not cloying. For years, I was completely perfume free because fragrances mostly annoyed me. (other than mild body lotions etc.) But now I love my H perfume so much I fear I am bathing in it and annoying others!
  13. I love all the Hermessence range, except for the paprika one. Sounds weird (but you're used to that from me) but I LOVE to smell like the store! You know when you walk in...THAT smell!
    I also LOVE Eau de Merv.......(whatever it's called) DH bought me this for Christmas, and it's quite a girly scent.
    I love Terre d'Hermes, too!! Like DQ, I like the "boys" scents!
  14. Ooh, I love the store smell too! And all their scarves and shopping bags, acid-free paper smell like that as well. The scent in my room where I shove all the shopping bags... ahhh... always makes me wanna pick up the phone and call my store.
  15. ^ What on earth IS that store smell? I love that scent! Help! :smile: