Fave eyeshadow brand.. why

  1. im partial to mac i always buy from them

    BUT nothing NOTHING beats make up forever for sparkle. i mean nothing its sooo shimmery.. and i recently discovered nars eyesahdows and theya re soooo sparkley!!

    haha its soo bad i need some matt stuff now but i LOVE MFE
  2. I use Mac too. I love it because a little goes a long way, and it has really good staying power.
  3. Bobbi Brown has great colors and is very longlasting. I like Delux Beauty and Paula Dorf, not as longlasting as BB but great colors!
  4. My favorite is LORAC coz the colors are fab, vibrant, and long-lasting.
    I especially like the black croc pallete, it has 4 complimenting eyeshadows and one blush. Definitely a great deal :P.

    For smoky eye, I like their Dreamy shade, it's black-blue-ish with some shimmer, so my eyes don't look all black like a raccoon.

    Oh I also like Urban Decay Primer Potion for eyeshadow primer. It really does make eyeshadows last muuuchhh longer!
  5. My fave is Smashbox, followed in close second by Bare Escentuals.
    They're very different, but equally gorgeous. I love Smashbox, it stays on so well, I live in AZ where it's hot as hell and it doesn't crease (even through the sweat), I use it w/ Too Faced eyeshadow primer, but it's great on its own.
  6. Bare Escentuals...the GLIMMERS are super sparkly...it all stays on really well....and you can put it on as thick or thin as you want. Or if you mix it with water into a paste...SUPER sparkly and won't come off for sure without washing!
  7. I'm a big fan of Shu Uemura. They have a wide range of colors for eyeshadow from matts to sparkles.
  8. Im a MAC girl....I could open a store with all my shadows!!!!!
  9. Nars and MAC. Both have good staying power and always have a great color selection :smile:
  10. Vincent Longo and Mally-great wear and colors!
  11. My makeup collection is 80% MAC and 20% Chanel. Chanel has some pretty long lasting eyeshadows and blushes, too, but nothing beats MAC in terms of variety. All of their makeup is great! I love Chanel's foundation, blush and eye pencils.
  12. MUFE (Star Powders & eyeshadows)
    Shu Uemura
    Vincent Longo
  13. i had a quad set of chanel eyeshados and thought they were awful and dint stay on,.. might have to try again
  14. I love Stila shadows.
  15. LORAC all the way! Her stuff stays put and doesn't crease. The colors are gorgeous and very easy to blend.