Fave Cologne for Men?

  1. My partner's currently rotating through two colognes (Abercrombie Fierce and Dunhill's X-Centric) and I want to get him a couple of new ones. What's your fave scents for men? Thanks!
  2. I really liked Abercrombie Fierce. I not crazy about the image it portrays but I love the scent itself I am super picky with scents and spent hours sampling before I purchased my SO Armani Mania for men. I liked the mens version so much that I tried it for women.. ehh... not so great. A lot of guys like Armani Code... I noticed it smells good at first but after awhile... not so good. Hope that helps.
  3. I keep my DH well-stocked with scent, because when I met him he had this ancient bottle of Obsession or something that was shall we say past its prime and didn't smell nice. Currently he wears Christian Dior Farenheit, Armani Mania, or Kenneth Cole Reaction.
  4. I love Clinique Happy for Men, and also Paul Smith - both gorgeous!!
  5. absolutely hands down the best- polo ralph lauren BLUE!
    polo black and double black are amazing as well, as is polo sport.

    and armani aqua di gio. :drool:
  6. I don't know what type of scents A&F and the other one is, but for heavier, more apropriate for evening spiced scents try Chanel allure and Dolce & gabbana masculine
  7. Ted Baker smells sooooo nice. Ahhhh, brings back some lovely memories. ;)
  8. polo ralph lauren.... an ex used to wear it and oh did i love that scent!
  9. Estee Lauder Pleasures for Men
  10. RSVP by Kenneth Cole YUMM!!!:heart:
  11. JPG Le Male and Aqua de Gio.... yum.
  12. Salvatore Ferragamo (blue bottle)
  13. i LOVE the lacoste in the gray bottle. dont know its name.
    my SO wears it and its yummy
  14. Aqua de Gio all the way!!!!!