Fave "building up your wardrobe" books?

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  1. I enjoy reading books about what to invest in when it comes to building up a classic wardrobe. I haven't bought any new books in a while, but I thought I would order some books shortly. So do any of you guys have any suggestions when it comes to what books to get?

    I already have:

    - Several books written by Susannah Constantine & Trinny Woodall (the British What not to wear ladies)
    - I don't have a thing to wear - the psychology of your closet by Judie Taggart & Jackie Walker
    - The Budget Fashionista
    - That extra half an inch by Victoria Beckham
    - The Lucky Shopping Manual
    - The Pocket Stylist by Kendall Farr
    - Elegance by mrs Dariaux
  2. Instant Style from In Style magazine-it just came out in October so it is still very current.:yes:
  3. I picked up VB's Extra Half an Inch and I've really enjoyed it! Can I afford all her fabulous stuff? No, and I'm certainly not built like her either. But I am picky about clothing as she is, so I really do enjoy pouring over her many details about fit and whatnot.
  4. thanks, LVMom, I checked up on "Instant Style" and it does sound like my kind of book indeed :smile:

    Pursegrrl, I quite enjoyed VB's book too. It was much better than I expected it to be, really.
  5. ^^ Joanna, it was the first fashion book I had picked up in a long time and it was well worth it (I devour magazines, otherwise). The other fashion books I have are about 'power dressing' from the 80s/early 90s which are now rather dated. But who knows, it all might come back around again, eh? For now, I'll stick with the current trends ;)
  6. Pursegrrl, I'd actually like to read one of those "power dressing" books, just for laughs :shame:

    But I don't want to read them badly enough to buy them, lol. Maybe I should borrow one of those from the library or something...

    I am a huge magazine junkie as well, btw, but I adore books too.