Fave BE handbag to-date & why?

  1. Thought I'd toss this question out there to all the BE fans to see which one is your absolute fave and why?

    Mine is a toss between the Love Me & Treasure Me. But due to sentimental reasons and if I had a knife in my back, I'd have to choose the Love Me!

    The Love Me was my very 1st BE (dark matte grey) It has many compartments, allows me to carry as much or as little as I need, exudes a casual chic, is unique, & is very comfortable to carry.

    How about YOU?!
  2. What a great thread!

    If I had to choose I'd be hard pressed to pick between the Love Me Midi and the Enchant Me Midi. Both are a perfect size for me, super slouchy and so easy to wear but I would have to say that the Enchant Me Midi edges it for me as the single strap doesn't slip off my shoulder and I find it a tad ligher than the LMM. I have this bag in Dark Grey Matte - super soft and silky but I think it would look fabulous in any matte leather...perhaps olive super soft?
  3. The Enchant Me is a great bag!!!

    I have my matte choco one & could be tempted by another one with an "attached" handle.

    Olive super soft sounds pretty!- or the "earl grey"!!!
  4. I feel my purse strings loosening...:p
  5. Well.....funny you should say that as I have an idea I've been speaking to BE about........it has to do with supporting a really good cause and oh yeah.....there's an AWESOME handbag in the mix too! Double bonus!

    Anyone in favour of supporting a really amazing cause??? Give you a hint.......the campaign is pink & usually becomes very active in October.........
  6. I will love Goldie best Forever and Always.

    Most comfortable to carry on my shoulder is the Enchant Me.

    Also...LOVING MY KIWI MMS. I have had to force myself to rotate bags ever since I got this pocketbook. The Kiwi color and leather have completely captivated me. So much of my wardrobe is warm, mellow green, and this bag is just so perfect for that clothing. I need to give her a name for sure.
  7. The love me is near and dear to my heart.. I'd say the LM midi.. or the tote me midi.. both are equally awesome in their own right.
    Oh and my Take me away .. Love it -- such an amazing travel/carry on bag!
    hmm.. and can't forget the angel purses -- I have 6 and have at least 2 in my bags at all times. Love them!
  8. For me, I have to say my Orange Hold Me- I definitely play favorites with that one- it sees more day light then my other bags by a long shot and wouldn't recognize the inside of my closet!
  9. I don't know that I can answer this...

    Every time I see BE style that I have never seen before it goes something like this:

    "Ohhhhh, LOOK at this, just look, this is my favorite ever!"

    and then I see another and I say "OMG, OMG, OMG, this is so me, I love this BE!"

    The next? "Ok, I have such crazy love for her, crazy!"

    Then one comes my way and I find myself thinking, I almost missed this style, how did could I have overlooked her???????

    To date, I will say..... I have a deep fondness for the BE Minis - the WTM Mini and Love Me Mini have a huge hold on me, HUGE! I love the way they feel and look. They are not too big, not too small, juuuuuuuuuuuust right!

    However I have a couple Surprise Mes coming my way soon, each with the added narrow shoulder strap (thank you tenKrat, you good little Belenistas you) so I reserve the right to change my mind.

    Eeeeeeeeehehehehehehehehehheheheeeee! :devil:

    What wicked questions you ask dear Contessa expecting us to choose a favorite!
  10. Mine is a toss up between the Love Me and Make Me Smile. I think both are great bags.
  11. For me, it would be my Love Me Mini & Midi. I love both sizes and love the shape of the bag. It is very pratical and yet it looks so stylist. :p
  12. asianjade, good to see you! I remember that purple LM Mini of yours, SO cute!
  13. My Pewter Rock Me Midi is a darn near perfect bag. Comfy to carry. Perfect size. Outside pockets. Super neutral. Soft and slouchy. LOVE it.

    I have a TMA original in BEC for Sept though that I am counting on being a new fave.
  14. TME is my favourite, I like the design, size and the rolled handles are great for me. I have 6 TME so picking a favourite is difficult but it's a toss up between Milk Choco Pebbled Luxe and Red Glossy!
  15. Tote, I love your red glossy!