Fave bag

  1. Yes it fits over my shoulder - Im a UK 12
  2. I have to pick *one*??? This is the Sophie's Choice of handbag preferences. :p

    Right now my favorite bag is my Celine Luggage Mini in Tri-color, but if you forced me to give up all my bags but one, I'd pick my Oak Bays.

    If we're going by revealed preferences - I carry my Choc/Oak Elgin most frequently. I love that bag too.

    Glad to see all the Seth love too. I love my Seth. (I love it with the vintage strap! Very clever.)
  3. Thanks Indiana, Lakrits and Hula. Is the metal chain comfortable to wear on the shoulder ?
  4. I find it fine, Tagullah. I wore mine for the entire day at the Shepton Raid, and it was packed to the gills! The only thing is, if you're wearing a strappy top during the summer, the chain can dig in a bit, so I would tend to put less in it IYKWIM. Of course you could always put on a leather strap from another bag if you had a suitable one...
  5. I love a Brooke and I wear it more as a clutch and a hand held bag. I find it tight under the arm - it doesn't sit as naturally as a Blenheim. It's good arm candy and fits nicely with the trend for smaller bags but it is a lot smaller than it looks in the pictures.
  6. My fav is Tooled Bayswater in oak... have used it thousand of times. Pure love.
  7. Thanks for that info Indiana & Kittyvoo :flowers:. My days of strappy tops are sadly over :sad: (damn those bingo wings :pout:!).
  8. My fave is my navy leopard bays. :heart:
  9. Oak Darwin roxanne, that bag is pure beauty and still looks/feels amazing :smile:
  10. these seem to v.rare and hard to get a hold of now. ..shame:sad:
  11. Roxanne was the first mulberry that stole my heart :cloud9:
  12. I had to google this one to see what it was like IRL. Its stunning!!
  13. I can't pick a favourite of all time as I find it varys with different seasons, weather, clothes I'm wearing. My fav last season was my lovely grape leopard mitzy while at the moment I'm getting to know my choc langham again. For an old style it's in such amazing condition, and it's so nice to carry. It's a shame the the small handles mean I can't wear it over a coat and it doesn't (IMO) look look good in crook of arm which rules it out in the winter. Now I'm glad though as I get to fall in love with it all over again, I was beaming today carrying it.
  14. With your fab collection SM i'm not surprised you cant pick a fave. You must be spoilt for choice!!
  15. Five push ups a day keep bingo wings away. :graucho: