Fav scarves?

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  1. ahhhh, just found pics, D.....nice choices! Paperoles is unbelievable!
  2. ACK!!! That's another one that should be on my list!!!! Le jardins....actually, I'm pretty crazy about all scarves with garden designs. Just bought Les Jardiniers du Roi in a pale green colorway and now I'm thinking about another in more vibrant tones.......these dang things are addicting!

    HH I can't remember the name of that design but I know which one you mean and it's so lovely!!!
  3. oh - I'd love Trois Feuilles in green.......
  4. Paris Modiste
  5. On my scarf wishlist:
    -Fantaisies Indiennes-in a vivid colorway
    -Any and all Turandot excluding what I've collected so far. I think all I have left is the red and any pleated versions. Anyone know if there are any other colorways besides the blue, orange, peach/pink, and red?
  6. ^let me have a look, O........
  7. ^GF keep meaning to ask you...where did your tag line come from? Everytime I see it, I keep hearing Bette Midler's voice saying those words!
  8. oh i adore the red. adore it. the rouge H tucked in there, and the gorgeous teal (i'm crazy about that combo!). deeeelicious! can't do the exchange. the thought that went into the purchase of my scarf :sad: well, i have to hang on to that. dd looks nothing like me, so maybe she'll like the scarf one day - and dh bought it for me to commemorate dd starting school and the difficult transition it's been for me, so that might appeal to her as well.
    i thought about using it as a belt, but that would only work on one pair of my pants, and i don't dare put it near my jeans as i only wear raw denim and that's very likely to do a color transfer. :hysteric:
    ps i'm all about hats, i like theatrical pieces (i knew it was a real hat in that socialites/celebs thread, the red. that one was very me. :heart:)
  9. I have Turandot listed as: red, peach, orange, navy, grey, purple, brown.
  10. LOL - it's actually a quote from one of our Shopmom's posts when a lady attacked her about her Princess Kelly......I was laughing SO hard I HAD to use it as my sig.........LOL!!
  11. K Did you see the Le Fleuve Sacre that Fleursetcartolines has on eBay right now? It's not the beige though....orange.....
  12. thanks k, paris modiste. that's the one. i knew the name but didn't want to risk goofing it up without checking the scarf first (you can kind of make it out on their site).
    how do you, and shopmom think that particular design would look on? i think knotted, etc. it would be fine, but might not quite work as a headscarf. doesn't matter though, that's the one i'm fixated on.
  13. i remember the shopmom incident. i picture barbara stanwyck though in the role of the stranger.
  14. ^ HH, you know, I find if I love the design, it looks great to me, no matter what! But I have tried Paris Modiste on a few times and it looks just fab....I find the more intricate patterns really lend themselves to the most versatility in tying.
  15. Thanks GF for checking! PURPLE would be TDF! Alright then, 4 more to go...:graucho: