Fav scarves?

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  1. THIS could be interesting if we post the scarves we're looking for........

    For me (so far)...

    "Paperoles" in Black/Gold,
    "Galop Volant"
    "Le Songe De Poliphile"
  2. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    but thank you. :flowers: :flowers:
  3. HH Which ones would you love to have if you could?
  4. More Tohu
    Pink Brides de Gala
    Toile pattern in mousseline in red
  5. D - I'm calling my scarf SA tomorrow - shall ask about those for you - are they all older ones?

    OK: I'm after

    Rencontre Oceane - all colourways (yes, I have 8, but I'd like more.......)
    Le Fleuve Sacre - Beige
    Les Toits de Paris - red colourway (like the advertisement)
  6. gk - there's a black Tohu at my store, 90x90, silk twill.
  7. OK D - yours are from 2000 & 1998, shouldn't be impossible.......I'll check at Syd.
  8. GF.....did you see that Recontre Oceane on eBay that sold for an astronimical amount like $900.00????? Couldn't believe it.....

    ..um.......that wasn't YOU....was it?????
  9. A few of my favorites...

    Attached Files:

  10. Holy Crap, K!!!!! Wouldn't it be FUN if Sydney had some and I didn't have to rely on searching eBay???? WhoooHoooo......
  11. I was the high bidder for a while....up to almost $400, then it went CRAZEEE in the last few seconds (of COURSE I was bidding on it, D!!)
    I have this colourway, but I would like a mint one, and the one I have has a slight pull in the silk......but I wasn't prepared to pay $900 for a scarf I already own! LOL!
  12. oh you're so sweet to ask. aiy. i can't get the hermes site to work right now. it's the one with the hat box in the center and the hats/bonnets sprinkled all over with a woman in each corner trying them on. in Red. but i have a weakness when it comes to ... all things, and scarves are no different. i focus on some small detail instead of seeing the big picture. so i am not sure that this particular pattern is the prettiest of them all when folded/in use, but i just love the design of that scarf, looking at it.
  13. LOL, you never know, we have some great scarf stock actually. I just bought this morning Le Jardins D'Andalousie in pale grey/green.........STUNNINGLY gorgeous!!!!!!!
  14. HH - that is a GORGEOUS scarf.....hatboxes! My SA wanted me to get it because I'm a milliner, but there wasn't a color that appealed at the time.......you know, your store would more than likely do an exchange, but DH might be sad if you did that.....
    I have a scarf that makes me look positively ILL, so I only tie it to my bags, or wear it as a belt........?
  15. OOOOO How could I not mention Kachinas as one of my favs? Have it in plisse and a shawl. That is one really great pattern and it looks good in all colorways! Darn I don't think I have a pic to post.