Fav scarves?

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  1. So, this morning I was labeling all my scarves (don't ask) and I realized that though I love ALL of them, I have a few real favorites. Ones that I tend to grab time and again. That really compliment my coloring and my clothes. That don't make me look older than I already am.

    I was wondering if you guys do too........any real "work-horse" favorites? Which ones?

    ...got a few under the tree to open on Christmas so for now these are my favorites....we'll see what happens next year!

    "Jardin Creole" in Plisse and "Friendship" pink Mouselline,
    "Tapis Volante",
    Pointu "Ex Libris" and "Descoupage",
    Cashmere/Silk blend "Zingaro".

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  2. um......but I think my all time favorite scarf right now is one I never wear. My vintage "Les Amazones" by Jean Louis Duma. I adore it........

    Anyone with a favorite VINTAGE scarf?????

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  3. Oh i need this thread!!! Thank you Shopmom!!

    To be honest, dont know much about scarves, i'm trying to learn and take notes lol
  4. I adore the vintage patterns!!! My faves include Brise de Charmes and Phaeton. The charioteer in Phaeton reminds me of an ex-boyfriend.:P :graucho:
  5. Shopmom.. Friendship is it plain pink??
  6. Pinkish......it's plain pink and I call it that because it was given to me by a wonderful PF friend. It's not its real "H" name.....I think it's simply "mouselline".
  7. HG...I'm getting into serious trouble with these vintage scarves......I keep seeing ones I have to HAVE!!!!!! But then I don't wear them 'cause I'm too afraid of ruining them somehow.............:s
  8. God Shopmom, how do you keep them so pristine?? Mine seem to get creases the minute I buy them. I only have a handful but here are my two favorites, they seem to go with everything.

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  9. Shopmom, your scarves are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. I have three H scarves... will post pics shortly.
  10. Shopmom, your scarves are TD4!! Icechick, my scarves look like yours - well loved, but not pristine! Here are some of my faves (my very fave is Pierres d'Orient et d'Occident). My oranges scarf was (past tense) in the pochette size. But, my dry cleaner lost it! So, if anyone has seen one in their Hermes store or knows where I can find a replacement, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  11. D, they are hardier than you realize.
  12. Shopmom and Ninja, they are treasures!

    My fave will always be Tohu Bohu!
  13. wellllll, sadly, i don't have that scarf yet - the workhorse scarf. my dh bought me my first hermes scarf this year and i love him to pieces for it, and i love the scarf because of the sentiment behind it, so it will always be my favorite in that respect, but um... i don't think it suits my coloring. i feel so awful about that.:crybaby: i feel like an ingrate.
  14. My "collection" is pretty much the norm. One of mine is currently on the Hermès web site. The Les Voitures I got maybe 10 years ago... the other two are from this year. I went for many, many years without wearing the Les Voitures but now I wear one of mine a few times a week. I am sooo loving them! Since I only have three, I guess you could say they are all my favorites! :P

    Unfotunately there is not an H boutique near me so I have to buy online or call a boutique and have them describe them over the phone!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Les Voitures A Transformation

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Quai aux Fleurs
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Monsieur et Madame
  15. HH, could you possibly get the scarf in the same pattern but a better colorway? GT - do you have that in a scarf? I love that pattern as well and would like either the bracelet or twilly - or both!! All the scarves shown are beautiful gals!!