Fav Sayings

  1. Whats your catch phrase ???

    what do u find your self saying all the time ??

    Mines are "SOOOOOOO Corny" & "crap"

    " That is soooooo corny how they didnt tell me about that"

    " what new crap do they have now "
  2. When I'm in a driving lesson its "craaaaaaaaap".

    Then at home I tend to say flaming a lot as in 'theres no flamin space in my room'.

    Also I use the word fat a lot like ' theres a big fat tree in the middle of the road' (used a lot in driving too :lol: )
  3. It is what it is.
  4. my boss got me started saying "i ain't gonna lie..." before i say practically everything. i actually annoy myself with it.

    and everyone at my work says 'dueces' instead of 'see ya later' which got me started saying it in regular life, where no one knows wtf i'm talking about.
  5. "just Kiddingggg!!!!"
  6. I say "dude" a lot. I started saying it after watching a commercial a few years back - the one where there were these people in a car saying keep saying "Duuuudddeeee". It kind of stuck with me since.
  7. "Hey Now"
    I'm a die hard Howard Stern fan
  8. I substitute strange words for swear words, one of the most common things I say is "mother bear".... as in, "It's cold as a mother bear outside". Also I substitute flip for the f*bomb... as in "Because I don't flippin want to".
    I'm such a goof ball with it, it tends to drive my friends crazy
  9. mine is "ack!", "egads!", or "I love my purses!" no joke hahaahah!
  10. If I really love something - it's "faaabulous". The better it is the more aaaa's (this is also how my website got it's name).
  11. Not the most politically correct, but I say "gay" a lot:shame:

    Like, "That movie was gay" (sucks)
    "YOu are so gay" (corny)
    "GAY!" (This situation licks!)

    I have NOTHING against gays,lesbians, bis or trans or any other combination in between.

    I realize my sayings can be taken the wrong way, and am trying to be more aware when I say these things.
  12. I can't think of what I say a lot right now... but I do find thaton the forum I use dot dot dot like it is my job. I can NOT get away from ........ or !!!!!
  13. I often say "gosh darn it to heck" :P I just can't bring myself to curse in real life in front of people (I won't even say "h*ll" or "d*mn" or "frickin'":shame: )

    Oh, and I'm one of those people who uses the word "like" a lot:shame: ("it was like, so hot out and I was like, feeling sick and like, I just couldn't wait to get back into the air conditioning and like, drink some water")

    And I use the dot dot dot (what's it called? ellipses?) allll the tiiimmmeee on instant messenger.
  14. LOL...Me too, I always say "dude". It's stuck on me for some reason, I even call my dog "dude".
  15. "i know, right?"

    "it is what it is."

    "just shoot me now."

    "holy hell" sometimes holy hell in a handbasket and holy gosh darn heck

    "fabulous" or "fab" i use that one way too much...

    "that's just how you/i/we/they roll." i picked that one up from my brother and i HATE it. sounds ok when he does it, but when i do i just sound stupid.

    i also use combonations of superlatives...craptacular, fanfrickintastic, super-riffic, etc.


    i'm sure there are others. :smile: