Fav SA in Chicago - Mich Ave?

  1. I am going to be in Chicago over Labor Day weekend. Does anyone have a fav SA? If so , who and at which LV store?

    we don't have an LV boutique in Indy . So , my SA , Jenny , at the Saks
  2. I'd recommend Elizabeth or Joel, both are at the Michigan Avenue boutique :smile::tup: Have fun!
  3. SARA on Michigan Ave!!!!

    She is THE best, and extremely knowledgable on all items..LE...anything. She always helps me out by sending me pics of new bags..and LE items because she knows my schedule is so tight.

    Go to her.. you won't regret it.
  4. I too have had a good experience with Sara on Michigan Avenue. The LV in Saks onMichigan tends to be a little crowded in my experience. They are nice to me, but I often feel rushed as the space is little and there are not a ton of associates working to help.