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  1. I'm looking to buy some pretty luggage or suitcases or something (just cuz everyone should have quality lasting luggage or even a suitcase, for vacation or whatever I need to do that involves traveling.) but all the ones I see are plain back, grey, or the standard red. (Not the eye popping red.) What's your fav. luggage or suitcase??? I'm looking for something colorful, bright, or patent.
  2. ^They are the BEST luggage. I've had so many different brands and those have held up the best. I've used them for years and the worst that has happened to them is a zipper pull came off.
  3. I just got some new Ricardo pieces at Kohl's (1/2 off). Mine are a pretty pumpkin color.
  4. Neiman Marcus has some really nice luggage, here's a few samples...

  5. I purchased a hot pink one a few months ago, for vacay. I totally love the color, and it totally stands out when I pick up my baggage.
  6. I personally love Tumi luggage. I travel with so much stuff, and it the best decision i ever made with luggage was to buy tumis! Now, mine are the plain black, yes bland I know but they get the job done right. Im not really sure if they come in any interesting colors though.
  7. I have a couple pieces from Louis Vuitton. I use my LV Carryall 55 the most. Its compact and it has a nice long shoulder strap too.
  8. I agree!!
  9. I have a couple pieces of Nine West Luggage that I love! I got them super cheap at Homegoods (love that store!!!) and they are all a rose boxy sort of a pattern that doesn't show too much dirt since its a pattern and is easy to spot in baggage claim.
  10. I love luggage, but the baggage handlers seem to have it in for me. Most recently they tore a handle off my recently purchased Samsonite, and they seemed to dump both suitcases into a large filthy puddle; prior to that they tore off all the zipper pulls and ultimately destroyed the zipper on my Disney suitcase; and the hard sided American Tourister no longer closes as none of the sides line up. I am giving up buying nice luggage, but I would like a nice carryon.....