Fav jewellery brand

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  1. im looking into different brands...I love VCA so much. The quality and service (in the US...in London VCA SA’S are horrible from personal experience)...and David Morris is gorgeous.

    What is your fav brand of jewellery esp. where you have bought diamonds?
  2. I like Cartier and VCA for a few of their signature pieces. Apart from that, a local jeweller makes brilliant classic pieces for much less. You can’t tell a Cartier gold band from a non-branded gold band in my opinion.

    I used to like Tiffany’s but I find their customer service not very good and I only have one item for that reason.
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  3. Hi !
    I live in France and i bought my Cartier jewels here. I have rings, necklaces and Watch. I love that brand !
    I Also like Chopard for his funny Line « happy Diamond ».
    For Diamond i chose Tiffany ( ring and earrings).
    Don’t have VCA yet...but onze day
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  4. From the big brands I like Cartier and Tiffany, also Kiki McDonough. I admire some VCA designs but VCA is not so well known here and I haven’t tried any of their pieces yet.

    Also unbranded good quality pieces in 18k gold with precious stones from my local jeweller. I like to wear a mix of branded and unbranded pieces.
  5. Wow Kiki McDonough is gorgeous, thank you. yes I noticed VCA is not as popular here as where i am originally from :smile:
  6. I am so in love with Van Cleef and Cartier, although to be fair I love only the Love and JUC lines for Cartier. For VCA I love more lines (Alhambra, Perlee, Frivole).
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