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  2. Spy

  3. B Bag

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  1. What is your favorite Fendi? I like the classic baguette best.
  2. I voted for the spy ... I love:love: my spy! I just think it's so unique and leather is absolutely beautiful! Out of all my bags, I still love it the most!
  3. Me too!!! And even when everyone says that the spy will come and go MINE WILL STAY FOREVER!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  4. IMO the ultimate Fendi is the baguette!
  5. Amen to that!....I will be buried with it!
  6. i have a mama baguette that i love as well but my heart belongs to my spy
  7. I love the Spy and actually think the rest (of what I've seen) is plain ugly :/
  8. I have a baugette and a vanity. I like the vanity best of all.
  9. I voted spy!
    I just got my first one today, and it is the most beautiful bag ever!
  10. I like the baguette the best.
  11. Definitely the spy. The baguette is too small for my daily necessities! :lol:
  12. I'm biased, lol, the Spy was my first designer anything ever!
  13. Definitely the spy!
  14. the magic bag.
  15. I voted SPY because I have one now:lol: !!!
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