Fav clothing brands for your kids?

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  1. I thought that this would get more responses here than in Wardrobe, since not a lot of the mommies I notice post in there.

    What are favorite clothing brands for your kids? Which brand(s) have you found to be the most stylish, practical and durable?
  2. My daughter dresses in Gap, Old Navy, and Gymboree.
  3. My favorite brands: Janie and Jack, Tea Collection, Enfant, Polo, Nartjie, Kingsley, Boden Kids, PBkids, Tshirts from Babystyle, and Petit Bateau. Sometimes I like to dress him preppy, sometimes jeans and rocker t-shirt, and sometimes, just onesies. I love Trumpette socks too.

    Ultimately, I think I'm a Jane and Jack wh*re. LOL. I like buying the whole "look". It's durable and looks stylish.
  4. Exactly the same. I have daughters and I used to buy at Nordstrom as well. Neiman Marcus for formal wear, but that's seldom.
  5. Most of my daughter's clothing comes from Gymboree. She also has Old Navy, Gap, H&M, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Carters, Petit Bateau.

    I buy whatever is cute! Thank goodness for the Gymbo website though...I :heart: it!!! I order the stuff and then dad sends it to me, lol :smile:
  6. petit bateau (LOVE), H&M, different german brands like Esprit and s. Oliver, stummer, some ralph lauren, tommy hilfiger, benetton (also LOVE), and whatever else is cute. often french and italian brands like brums are great but impossible to get here or VERY expensive
  7. I love Jacadi, Ralph Lauren, Gap, Gymboree, Janie and Jack, Lapin House, and of course Carters :smile:
  8. daughter - Oilily almost exclusively, but also Jacadi, Jottum, Mim-Pi, Naartjie, Gymboree, GAP and custom handmade sets

    Boys - Childish, TEA Collection, Monster Industries, Charlie Rocket, GAP, Janie & Jack, and Gymboree
  9. I buy my daughter clothes from Dillard's, Macy's, Target, Hanna Andersson & Old Navy. I love Target because they sell Osh Kosh. All the places I mentioned are the only stores where I can find clothes that fit my skinny girl. Childrens Place, Gymboree etc.. sizes run big for my girls body type.
  10. My favs for my son are Sean John, RL and the GAP.

    I despise the Children's Place with all my being. The shirts are thin, the selection crappy.
  11. For the baby: Juicy Couture for boys and Gymboree, for my middle son, Childrens Place, for my oldest it was nothing but American Eagle.:smile:
  12. I miss Tartine et Chocolat.
  13. For my daughter Oilily, Lilly Pulitzer and Boden USA. I like things that are a bit different. There are just way too many cute clothing out there.
  14. My daughter and son wears clothes from Naartjie, Janie & Jack, Babystyles, Target, Childrens Place, Macys, Gap & Old Navy.
  15. MiniBoden, Lilly Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren, Janie and Jack and "non-branded" quirky stuff. ;)

    Plus my mom and mother-in-law hand-knit a lot of beautiful sweaters, hats, etc..