fav chanel bag

  1. Whats your favorite chanel bag and how much did you pay for it?
  2. My reissues, I have the 226 and 225. My fav is the 225 black with gold:love:
  3. Cerf in Black :yes:
  4. this is my favorite bag- i bought it in 2001 and its navy blue

    the medallion tote is my second favorite in pink and i just got it
    myfavoriteall time.jpg loveher.jpg
  5. my 05 grey reissue... i think i paid about $1900.
  6. My new lambskin jumbo classic flap in the violet color that I just got today. I am in love with this bag! I paid 1860. plus tax. I'll post pics ASAP.
  7. black metallic goarskin luxe bowler! $2160
  8. grey reissue 226 from last year. $1995 plux tax
  9. petit shopper $995 :love:
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