Fav Celeb Wedding Gowns.....

  1. What's urs? I'm not sure who's gown is my favorite....

  2. Mine is Tori Spelling's gown.
  3. pictures.

    I love Lisa Ray's wedding dress --- The one in this photo was for the receiption I will try to find one of the Gown.

    It was done by Amsale.

  4. Which one? :lol:
  5. I adored Nicole Kidmans Balenciaga gown. So classy, but so damn gorgeous, she truly looked like a real princess.

  6. My fave is the one Monique Lhuillier designed for [SIZE=-1]Christine Baumgartner who married Kevin Costner...

  7. I loved the Vera Wang dress that Jessica Simpson wore in her wedding to Nick in 2002. It was sooo pretty and feminine!
  8. avrils!! BOTH OF THEM!! they are gorgeous!

    i was wondering, what do tori's look like?
  9. i have the same faves with TammyD. i love tori spelling's dress from her first marriage, she actually helped designed it with badgley and mischka. it got this vintage feel to it. im not even a fan of hers, but i gotta say she looked lovely. this is the best pictures i can find, sorry they're small :P

  10. i loved charlotte's dress when she married harry.

    i'm also a fan of britney spear's wedding (including the dress). for being so trashy, she managed to pull it together that day. :yes:
  11. nicole Kidman's dresse. Simply gorgeous, like a true princess
  12. I agree, I LOVE Nicole's dress!! Sooo beautiful!

    Another dress I adored is Princess Maxima's Valentino gown (Dutch crown princess). They showed the wedding on TV and I was sitting there admiring the dress. :smile: It's simple, but the veil is just gorgeous!!!



  13. Hmmm, the pics aren't working and I can't edit my pasting... So anyway, here is another picture:

    Princess Maxima and Prince Willem-Alexander
  14. I love Britney Spears Monique Lhuiller wedding gown.
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