Fav Big Bag

  1. I was reading Aarti's post re big bags, so OK big bag lovers what's your favorite big bag??
  2. uhm...i don't have BIG bags...i'd love to but yhte charlotte 36...it is really huge :nuts:
  3. [​IMG]

    here is the 36 hours charlotte
  4. Right now it's my new enormous Bulga tote. I WANT THAT CHARLOTTE THOUGH! The good news is my husband goes to London for work about once a year so I plan on stowing aboard next time!
  5. i like it to, but it is sooo big i don't really know what i could do with it :smile:
    it costs around 460 euros
  6. i love the chanel ligne cambon multipocket reporter bag. although it's really huge, i'd pick the small one if i had 2000 euros to spend.
  7. I really like the large Gucci horsebit hobo. It's definately my most favourite "oversize" bag.
  8. Although it's not HUGE...my batignolles horizontal is quite large and i LOVE IT! :smile:
  9. I don't have a super BIG bag tho I kinda want one so I can carry it like a Santa or sth.
  10. I'm loving my Calvin Klein large bucket bag. Handles everything I need and its stylish. :love:
  11. my gold IF Audra hands down, its a great bag