Fav Bag

  1. If you could only have one lv bag for the rest of your life what bag would it be?
  2. Uhhh, so hard :s Perhaps my Suhali L'Impresivible? Or Tweedy Zip/Trompe Le Fabu if I can find them :p
  3. Classic Monogram Speedy. It has lasted the test of time so I know it'll be good for the future.
  4. This is a hard question. Maybe my White MC Speedy
  5. Monogram Speedy.
  6. Suhali white lockit pm
  7. Batignolles, because it's a pretty, classic-looking handbag
  8. Hm... black neo cabby or if I could get my hands on one, a black Mahina or a gold suhali Lockit!
  9. i'd be pretty content with my black cabby :smile:
  10. I'd never give up my first LV: Mono Trotteur. It's my cheapest LV bag and also the least pretty, but I can't let go of some things in the past...
  11. I guess it would have to be my mahina xl in noir!
  12. either my Tivoli GM or my first, Damier Speedy 25
  13. Hmm...either my MOCA Neverfull MM or the BH. They go with mostly any outfit and are great daily totes.
  14. hmm.. probably my mono pochette :heart: it was my first LV and even though i dont use it as much as it should be used, i love it to deathh :smile:
  15. Black MC Speedy .... :love: