fav bag/brand of bag under$150???

  1. I wanna get a bag i dunno which 2 get, show me urs? I might b abl 2 decide.:nuts:
  2. with pics
  3. you can get some cute coach bags at their outlet for this price range. If you look on newly listed Coach stuff on eBay it will give you a good idea about what is at the outlets right now if you live near any outlets. Or for a little more there are some styles on their website that you can get for this price. Are you looking for a big or small bag, casual, leather ? etc
  4. any kind of bag
  5. I would suggest you go to a Marshalls/TJ Maxx if you have any near you. You can find some really nice Italian leather bags there for under $150. Hope this helps! Let us know if you find anything!
  6. Elliott Lucca has great bags that are reasonably priced. They often go below $150.00. Are you looking for a particular type of bag? Tote, satchel, clutch, etc?
  7. You can get Tano for that price (musthavebag.com is having a sale right now) and Longchamp.
  8. Maxx New York has alot of bags that are well made and look very nice, for that price range. You can find some of their bags, and other brands, on QVC.com. HSN.com also has bags for reasonable prices.
  9. Hayden Harnett in the sale....

    I have done really well from them over the past year...