Faux wood grain garage door.

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  1. Anyone ever seen a painted faux wood grain garage door upclose? I'm concerened with it looking odd up close, and the longevity of the paint.

    I like the wood garage door look, but don't know if I necessarily want a wood garage door. Just for the heck of it, I Googled faux wood grain garage doors and a lot popped up.

    Here are some pictures for examples:


  2. Oh! I really like the after. At first I was worried that the first picture was the look you were going for :biggrin:
  3. i have seen a couple, i could tell they were fake. i think the photo looks very nice, because the door has unusual detail that would be found on an upscale wood door.

    the ones i have seen were done on generic looking doors, so you could tell they didn't belong.

    i guess if it doesn't look good...or starts to fade with age, you could always paint over it in a few years.
  4. In the second picture it looks just like my inside doors when I painted them with gel stain over primer. It s quite simpe to do. My exterior fiberglass door was done that way by the previous owners. I think for a garage door you would want to put a polyeuthane gloss paint on top of it. Stains come in tons f colors and by using rags or brushes you can get different looks. I used cheesecloth on my inside does and got a rustic look.

  5. This is my fear. I don't want the obviousness to be screaming out. I could get a detailed door. Good point, about just painting over it.
  6. I don't feel confident enough to take on doing 3 garage doors. Where do you live? I'll pay you to do them. :smile:
  7. I think hiring a painter to do them might cost alot of money. My friend was a decorative painter and it was amazing at the prices she charges, of course doing most of her work in Palm Beach, Florida seemed to help. Anothe friend used to hire art students from the local collage to do decorative paintings for her house. She would call the art department and they had some type of job posting and the prices were very cheap. She had murals done for her kids rooms and her kitchen cabinets stained too. This is really easy to do, perhaps a handyman could even do it for you.